7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Applying For A Gold Loan

Apr 12, 2018

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Applying For A Gold Loan

Gold loan is emerging as a popular way of getting quick credit. Indians traditionally hold Gold as a savings instrument. Now it is also increasingly being used as a credit instrument. If you are looking for a Gold loan then you should avoid these mistakes.

Chosing High Interest rate schemes to get high LTV

Gold loan amount depends on the per gram rate of Gold prevalent in the market. RBI allows for LTV (Loan to Value ratio) of a maximum of 75%. Gold lending companies offer schemes with varying LTV. Often lending companies provide highest LTV scheme at significantly higher interest rates. Beware, of this aspect. To avoid burden of interest later on, always chose the schemes which provide your higher LTV at lower interest rate. For example, Rupeek's schemes offer highest LTV at low interest rates.

Choosing Wrong Repayment Mode

Banks offer EMIs as a repayment method whereas NBFCs charge monthly interest. In case of missing your EMI, you will be liable to pay hefty penalty charges. NBFCs though only demand monthly interest, a failure to make this payment monthly might lead to higher interest rate. Choose a payment method which suits your cash flow requirements. Companies like Rupeek Gold loan offer flexible repayment option where a customer can pay at any time during the tenure of loan without any penalty or change in interest rates.

Not Knowing the Hidden Charges

Companies often hide a lot of charges in their Terms and Conditions. Common charges include processing fee, appraisal fee, foreclosure charges, penal charges on late payment, and auction related charges. Always factor in additional charges in your calculation to know the true financial cost of your loan. These hidden charges might come as a surprise and can be burdensome. You may try Rupeek which offer transparent schemes with no hidden charges.

Selecting the wrong tenure

Tenure means your loan duration. Tenure vary from 3 months to 3 years. Chose a tenure which suits you the best. Longer tenure is not always better. Check how interest calculation is linked with your tenure. In some cases, you might be paying higher interest with long tenure. Ultra short tenure like 3 months can lead to auction very soon. Optimal tenure is from 6 months to 1 year. Thus choose wisely as per your cash flow visibility and repayment capacity.

Being unaware of Auction terms

If you are unable to repay your loan on time, your gold will be up for auction. Your lending company will be entitled to auction (sell) the Gold in the market and recover the debt. Make it a point to discuss the auction terms clearly. You should be entitled to a prior intimation and formal notice before auction. Also check the penal charges associated with auction. In case if you are unable to repay your loan on time, choose either to renew the loan or apply for a takeover with some other company. This will help save your Gold from auction.

Not considering after sales service

After sales service is the most neglected feature. During the time of applying for a loan if the staff behavior is unsatisfactory, then just image the after effect. Don’t ignore such signs. You should always consider companies with track record of customer friendly service. It will save you a lot of hassles and allow for mental peace.


As a customer be aware. Always take an informed decision. Don’t be swayed by marketing gimmicks and always ask the correct questions. Remember you are entitled to do so.

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