This Gold Loan Calculator can also be used to calculate how much gold you would need to get a loan amount. For Example, if you need a loan for Rs. 200,000, it will tell you the gold weight required in grams to get the gold loan.

How to use Rupeek's Gold Loan Calculator

Rupeek online gold loan calculator allows users to find necessary information without much hassle. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

1. To Know The Gold Ornaments Required

  • Click on the ‘I Know Required Loan Amount’ tab. It will open the respective online gold loan calculator.
  • Enter the loan amount and gold’s purity, i.e. 18, 19, 20, 21, or 22 karats. Doing so will display the net weight (in grams) of the gold a person needs to collateralise for availing a particular sum.
  • After that, borrowers can apply for an advance by clicking on ‘Click here to apply’.

2. To Know The Loan Amount

  • Click on the ‘I Know Required Loan Amount’ tab. It will open the respective online gold loan calculator.
  • Select the gold ornaments’ purity from the drop-down, and enter the total gold weight (in grams). It will then display the loan amount an applicant is eligible for.
  • Apply for a loan by selecting the option ‘Click here to apply’.

Make a gold loan application with Rupeek, and we will provide you with an instant gold loan at your doorstep.

As already mentioned above, gold loans are a secured credit mode, but it is unlike any other financial product from the said segment. This financial product has several features that distinguish it from the rest. Additionally, the presence of gold loan calculators helps individuals to make a knowledgeable decision.

Reasons To Get A Gold Loan

A comparison with other financing option will reveal how gold loans can be a more versatile, affordable, and easy option for funds.

CRISIL’s monthly static analysis pool reflects that for conventional 12-month period gold loans, 60%-65% of such credits have been closed in less than six months. The reason being, its short tenure, part-payment and other benefits offered by lenders. Also, the smooth re-pledging process helps borrowers to extend their loan without any hassle.

Here are some notable features of gold loans –

  • Since there is no restriction on the usage of funds, one can fulfil an array of financial needs. Whether they are facing a medical emergency or need funds for their business, a gold loan can help them in every case.
  • Compared to other secured financing options, the repayment tenure of a gold loan is short, and there is ample flexibility to help borrowers.
  • An applicant needs to submit only a handful of documents to apply for a gold loan. Besides, the document verification process and appraisal of gold consume minimal time. This is unlike any other secured loan.
  • As a secured loan, the eligibility norms associated with gold loans are comparatively lenient. An applicant can obtain a gold loan without a CIBIL score or even income proof.

With gold loans, individuals can use its equity, which otherwise remains idle to arrange the necessary funds. Moreover, with a reliable lender like Rupeek, they can have a hassle-free borrowing experience.

Merits Of A Gold Loan Offered By Rupeek

Rupeek is a leading gold loan provider in India, continually focusing on amplifying the customer-convenience. To do that, Rupeek has introduced a series of exclusive features that ultimately help borrowers to have a pleasant borrowing experience. Here is a list of some facilities that one can get with Rupeek –

1. High Loan Value

The loan value offered by Rupeek can go as high as Rs. 1.5 crores, based on the quality and weight of the jewellery on offer. Moreover, the gold loan rate per gram offered by Rupeek is one of the highest in this segment.

2. Low Rate Of Interest

Rupeek also levies a low rate of interest on its gold loans that starts from as low as 0.79% per month. Hence, interest payments with Rupeek are more manageable.

3. State-of-the-art Security

We follow the most advanced measures concerning pledged gold’s security. The loan managers use GPS-enabled bags for transporting the gold articles to and from a customer’s house. Also, Rupeek uses high-security vaults to store them.

4. Complimentary Insurance

Borrowers can rest easy with Rupeek’s door-to-door gold insurance coverage. They do not need to worry about any loss due to theft of gold ornaments or damage to those.

5. Flexibility In Repayment

The repayment schemes offered by Rupeek gives the necessary repayment flexibility to let borrowers at their pace. They have the option to pay as per their convenience, or they can stick to a regular EMI system.

6. Lenient Eligibility Terms

The eligibility requirements to get a gold loan from Rupeek are minimal. Any person above the age of 18 and who has gold jewellery can get a loan from Rupeek. He/she only needs to submit KYC documents to complete this process.

7. Overdraft Facility

The customer-convenience with Rupeek is further amplified by the overdraft facility known as Rupeek Quick. Existing customers can pledge more gold to avail a credit line. It allows individuals to access funds at their will, only repay the amount they have withdrawn, and pay interest solely on that.

Gold loan calculators help prospective borrowers to get an estimation of their borrowing. They can alter different points on such calculators to find a loan amount that suits their need. With the industry-first doorstep service in just 30 minutes, Rupeek allows individuals to meet their monetary needs without delay.

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