Aadhar Card Loan in Pune

Aadhar Card Loan in Pune

Pune – Queen of the Deccan is a major city in Maharashtra, on the juncture of Mula and Mutha rivers. The city is a significant cultural and educational hub, referred to as the Oxford and Cambridge of India by former Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. It hosts nearly 30 affiliated and constituent colleges and universities. 

Being a bustling tourist destination, visitors ply here to experience the beauty of museums, historical monuments, and places of cultural attractions. It is only a 9-hour drive from the party hub of India – Goa. 

The city is also in the vicinity of India’s commercial capital – Mumbai. The connectivity between these hubs has helped Pune to develop as a tech hub with a growing number of industries and offices in this region. Often to meet their financial needs, people look for personal loans in Pune, especially to cover hefty medical or unforeseen expenses. You can also opt for Aadhaar card loan in Pune owing to its simpler documentation process.

Who Can Avail An Aadhaar Card Loan?

Two primary factors that all financial institutions check to ascertain your eligibility for an Aadhaar card loan are:

  • Credit Score: It’s a 3-digit score, ranging from 300 – 900. Lending institutions determine a person’s eligibility for an Aadhaar card loan in Pune based on this score. Financial institutions usually prefer a score of 750 or higher. A lower score can lead to either rejection of an application or a lower loan amount and a high interest rate.
  • Monthly Disposable Income: A person’s disposable income is checked to ascertain their repayment capacity. A fixed-income to debt ratio above 50% can deter lenders from approving a personal loan on Aadhaar card.

Some common parameters and their requisites are:




More than equal to 21 years, but less than 60 years

Employment Type

Salaried and self-employed



For other specific information, you can search for Aadhaar card loan agents near me to know the benefits of a preferred financial institution.

Loan on Aadhaar card online apply in Pune comes with high interest charges depending on borrower’s eligibility which may cause a considerable headache. Moreover, processing of documents and verification of identification details is a major hurdle if you are looking for a larger sum in short notice.

To this end, gold loans are an apt substitute to personal loan Pune, with instant approval and lower interest payments.

Why Gold loan Over Aadhaar Card Loan In Pune?

Gold loan is a secured financing option that has less stringent background checks and document verification. Furthermore, lower interest rates also play a role in helping you manage your finances economically.

With reduced interest charges, gold loans offer a beneficial alternative over an Aadhaar card loan in Pune with high-value disbursals quickly. Rupeek also offers several ancillary benefits like doorstep service and multiple loan schemes to help individuals enhance their convenience.

What Makes Rupeek Gold Loan A Feasible Alternative?

Rupeek offers a host of features that make it an economical solution for your financial needs. These are:

  1. 0.49% Interest Rate

Rupeek gold loan offers industry-low interest rates starting from as low as 0.49% per month or 5.88% yearly. This helps to keep interest payments to a bare minimum and convenient.

  1. Online Application

Applying for a gold loan from Rupeek is simple – all it needs is to register with your mobile number and choose your preferred choice of loan amount and tenure, as per your requirements.

Once your application is complete, our official representative will contact you regarding further information. Rupeek gold loan managers will then visit and give an estimation of valuation of the gold you have pledged. After completing KYC verification, the credit amount will be disbursed to your account.

  1. Security

Rupeek uses GPS tracker-enabled bags to transport your gold jewellery and stores those in a highly secure bank vault. You can track the bag being carried to its destination, besides which Rupeek also provides gold insurance coverage to further guarantee your assets' safety.

  1. High Loan Value

Be assured that you will get industry-high gold value for your pledged gold. You can get a loan of a maximum of Rs.1.5 crores. If you are interested to know the value of the gold you are planning to pledge, use the gold loan calculator from Rupeek.

  1. Easy Repayment

Rupeek offers easy repayment options over varied tenure structures and flexible payment options, letting you choose as per your monetary requirements. You can also choose monthly EMIs in case you are looking for a uniform repayment scheme

  1. Gold Loan Transfer

In case you are burdened with high interest rates from other institutions, you can transfer outstanding loan balance to Rupeek. You can save up to nearly Rs.12,377 on interest payments.

Another attractive service Rupeek provides is – a quick overdraft facility against additional gold ornaments.

Rupeek’s Gold Overdraft Facility

Rupeek Quick is a gold overdraft facility from Rupeek, which can help you avail a credit limit by pledging gold ornaments. There is no requirement for further paperwork.

It is always a safe bet in case of emergency expenses as you only need to pay interest on the amount withdrawn from the limit, for the time till you repay the amount. It helps you avoid unnecessary charges on your entire loan amount and benefit from considerable savings.

Rupeek Service Locations in Pune

Don’t want to visit an Aadhaar Card loan centre? We will arrive at your doorstep if you reside in and around the following locations in Pune.

  • Lohegaon
  • Swargate
  • Sadashiv Peth
  • Kothrud
  • Nanded
  • Hadapsar
  • Katraj
  • Viman Nagar
  • Vishrantwadi
  • Vadgaon Sheri
  • Parvati Hill
  • Pimpri-Chinchwad
  • Pashan
  • Aundh
  • Lohogaon

Opting for a gold-backed Aadhaar card loan in Pune from Rupeek is a feasible alternative to its conventional counterpart for meeting the fast-paced and high octane lifestyle of Pune residents. It not only saves the hassle of documentation and high interest rates but also ensures greater convenience in repayment and facilities like overdraft loan against gold.

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Benefits of Gold Loan over Aadhar Card Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Aadhar Card Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. Is an Aadhaar Card loan same as a PAN card loan?

Yes, both are sub-types of a personal loan. Individuals need to submit only the PAN card in case of the latter.

  1. Can I buy a car with an Aadhaar Card loan in Pune?

Yes, but it depends on your credit score. Your payment history is reflected in the credit score, which financial institutions rely on to determine the loan amount. Your income pattern will also play a key role in this case.

  1. Can I use gold bars to get a Rupeek gold-backed Aadhaar card loan?

Currently, Rupeek or its partners do not accept gold bars or coins as collateral. Only gold jewellery above 18 carats is accepted for this loan.

  1. Can I change my details after taking an Aadhaar card loan against gold?

Yes, you can call our customer care number Pune and inform them of the changes you want to make. They will make the necessary updates immediately wherever required.

  1. Is it possible to get an Aadhaar card loan below the age of 21 years?

No, it is mandatory to be of at least 21 years of age to be eligible for a traditional Aadhaar card loan in Pune.

  1. Can I get an instant loan on Aadhaar card in an hour?

It takes at least 24 hours for a traditional personal loan on Aadhaar card to get sanctioned because of lengthy eligibility checks. We, on the other hand, disburse a gold-backed loan in under an hour.

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