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Gurgaon, officially known as Gurugram, is located approximately 15 miles south of the capital city, New Delhi. The city’s economic growth has blossomed with the intervention of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, and it has become a destination of the majority of Fortune 500 companies. Gurgaon is emerging as the fastest growing economy with several IT parks and financial sectors and stands virtually shoulder-to-shoulder with cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai.

The ever-increasing opportunities with rapid growth in the automobile industry, information technology, real estate, pharmaceuticals and others have made Gurgaon an impressive business location. Gurgaon is home to numerous industries and rightly boasts the third-highest per capita income in India. Resultantly, the importance of business loans in Gurgaon has also increased in this region to keep up with a rapidly evolving market.

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Purpose of Taking a Business Loan

People who want to expand their existing company or start a new one take out business loans for a number of reasons. These are mentioned below: 

To Buy Equipment: Any kind of business, small or large, requires continuous up-gradation of the infrastructure to run and match with the new-age demands optimally. Notably, individuals involved in IT and automobile businesses in Gurgaon face a constant need to buy advanced equipment. This is where a business loan in Gurgaon can be used to buy/lease/replace equipment.

To Purchase Inventory: Small enterprises often require external funding to buy stocks or raw materials. The need is particularly pronounced when one has to meet a sudden, massive demand. Business loans can offer the necessary financial assistance during such situations, and allow businesspersons to capitalise on opportunities adequately.

To Maintain Cash Flow: Business owners need to have a constant flow of cash to maintain the various functionalities, including paying salaries and other day-to-day operations. Short term loans, overdraft facilities, and invoice financing can be beneficial in that regard.

Availing a Business Loan in Gurgaon

Most lending institutions in Gurgaon offer unsecured business loans of value ranging up to Rs.50 lakh. Individuals can avail the same after satisfying necessary eligibility criteria and furnishing a bevvy of documents, which include the enterprise’s registration documents, audited financial statements, proof of business vintage, etc. One can visit the lender’s branch or apply online for a commercial loan if they meet the above requirements properly.

However, since these loans do not involve any collateral, lenders assume a substantial risk. Plus, the growing numbers of delinquencies and recent economic crisis has made financial institutions warier in sanctioning business loans, especially to small and new enterprises. What’s more, unsecured business loans prove inefficient in mitigating emergency expenses because of the lengthy eligibility check and documentation process.

In that context, secured options like a gold-backed business loan can pose as an ideal alternative. It’s one of the best ways to utilise the equity on gold to address one’s financial obligations without actually resorting to selling them.

Is a Gold Loan Better than an Unsecured Business Loan?

Below is a comparative study of business loans and gold loans so that individuals can take an informed decision regarding financing their business.


Business loan

Gold loan


Not Required


Processing time

Slow (Depending on the bank or NBFC)


Eligibility criteria


Anyone with gold articles can apply

Interest rate



Business documents


Not required

Credit score

750 or above

Not required

Approval rate



However, it does not merely suffice to opt for a gold loan. Prospective borrowers must also choose a lender that can help them maximise their benefits. In this regard, businesspersons can turn to Rupeek for their debt financing needs.

How can Rupeek Help You?

The benefits of availing a gold-backed business loan in Gurgaon from Rupeek are manifold. These are:

  • Minimal documentation: Business owners can avail a gold-backed business loan with Rupeek by merely providing their KYC documents. It makes for speedy processing of a loan, allowing businesspersons to address any emergency timely.
  • Instant disbursal: One may need to wait for 3 – 7 days to take out an unsecured business loan. However, with Rupeek, individuals can avail a gold loan within just 45 – 60 minutes.
  • Flexible repayment: Mandatory EMI payments can strain one’s cash flow. With Rupeek, borrowers have much more flexibility in repayment. They can repay the entire payable amount as per their convenience any time within the tenure, either in parts or in a single bullet payment.
  • Low-interest rate: We offer gold loans at monthly interest rates starting at 0.49%. It is much lower and affordable when compared to unsecured loans provided by banks and NBFCs.
  • Highest LTV ratio: Businesspersons can take out a small business loan in Gurgaon equivalent to up to 90% of their pledged gold’s value with Rupeek. By using a gold loan calculator, individuals can easily find out the gold loan amount they are going to get or how much gold is needed to get a certain loan amount.
  • Doorstep service: Individuals can avail funds for their business from the comfort of their home with Rupeek’s doorstep gold loan service. A loan manager will visit the person’s residence or office to complete the KYC verification and gold evaluation process, and funds will be disbursed within minutes thereafter.

Besides these benefits, Rupeek also offers an overdraft facility against gold. Enterprises looking to secure a ready source of funds at all points in time can consider this facility to bolster their financial footing.

Gold Credit Line by Rupeek

The gold credit line, also known as Rupeek Quick, is an excellent financing option for enterprises with lengthy cash cycles or firms in their growing stages. Individuals can secure a line of credit by pledging their gold once, and avail funds whenever as per their requirements. It eliminates the hassle of applying for a fresh loan every time one needs external financial backup and helps businesses fine-tune their cash flow.

Localities that Rupeek Operates in Gurgaon

Below is a list of major localities in Gurugram where businesspersons can avail Rupeek’s services:

  • Badshahpur
  • Manesar
  • Pataudi
  • Gurgaon Sector 56
  • Sohna
  • Gurgaon Sector 33
  • Garhi Harsaru
  • Gurgaon Sector 17
  • Gurgaon Sector 45
  • Palam vihar
  • Sultanpur
  • Wazirabad

Are you looking for the best business loan in Gurgaon? Conclude your search for ‘business loan near me’ in Gurgaon with Rupeek.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Are there any hidden charges involved with a gold-backed business loan from Rupeek?

Rupeek maintains a 100% transparent process from start to end. Borrowers can be assured of no additional charges at the end of the loan tenure. You pay what you see, and there are no hidden charges involved.

  1. What is the lowest and highest loan business loan amount Rupeek offers?

Rupeek provides gold-backed business loan as low as Rs.15000 and up to Rs.1.5 crore.

  1. Does Rupeek accept all gold items while providing business loan?

Rupeek’s lending partners only accept gold jewellery of 18 carats or above. We currently do not offer loan against gold bars or coins.

  1. What are the basic eligibility criteria of availing a gold-backed business loan with Rupeek?

Applicants aged 18 years or above, with sufficient gold jewellery and proper KYC documents can apply for a gold-backed business loan with Rupeek.

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