Business Loan in Howrah

Howrah, an industrial town of West Bengal, has a long history of manufacturing. Industries like steel, casting, fabrication, engineering, shipbuilding, construction equipment, etc. have been operational in this city since the days of British Raj. It earned Howrah the title of ‘Sheffield of the East’.

In the last couple of decades, the industrial portfolio of Howrah has changed significantly. Small and medium scale businesses producing consumer and industrial products have emerged rapidly. Resultantly, the demand for a business loan in Howrah has also witnessed a notable rise.

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How to Avail a Business Loan in Howrah?

Availing a business loan has been streamlined with the introduction of the online application process. Here is a step-by-step guide –

  1. Visit the official website of a financial institution. Duly fill out the online application form with relevant details
  2. Submit necessary documents
  3. Complete verification of documents

The applicant will receive approval and disbursal of the loan amount subsequently after due documentation.

However, one must fulfil the eligibility requirements before they can apply for an unsecured business loan in Howrah. Here are the details – 

Sl. No.




Credit score



Business vintage

Minimum of 3 years


Annual turnover

At least Rs.25 lakh


Business balance sheet

Must be audited by a Chartered Accountant


Income tax payment

At least 1 year

Documents Required to Avail A Business Loan

Along with these criteria, one needs to keep the following documents handy to expedite this process further –

  1. KYC documents
  2. Proof of address
  3. Business ownership details
  4. Income tax details of minimum one year
  5. Partnership deed, if it is a partnership firm
  6. Audited financial papers
  7. Registration documents or Certificate of Incorporation

Generally, small loans in Howrah for business are considered as high-risk lending options because of their unsecured nature. As a result, the rate of interest charged on such financing facility is significantly high. Also, the document verification and loan approval process often take up to a week to complete.

Looking for an alternative?

Business owners can quickly circumvent this hassle of a traditional business loan by opting for gold-backed business financing options. Since gold backs up such a loan, its eligibility requirements are favourable to small businesses, and they are convenient to repay as well.

However, selecting the correct lender is also important to have a hassle-free borrowing experience. In this regard, Rupeek is a name to reckon with. As one of the leading fintech companies of India, Rupeek offers various schemes for gold-backed easy business loans in Howrah.

Top 5 Reasons to Select Rupeek

  1. Lowest Interest Rate

Our gold-backed business loan interest rates start from 0.49% per month. This factor makes interest repayment exceedingly affordable for small business owners.

  1. Doorstep Service

Individuals can avail one of the best business loans in Howrah from the comfort of their home. After completing the application process, our representative will get in touch with the applicant for further processing. Following that, our company executive will visit the applicant’s address to validate KYC and evaluate the gold items. After completion, the borrower will receive the funds instantly in their account. The entire process takes around 45 – 60 minutes.

  1. Credit Line Facility

Growing a business with Rupeek is now easier than ever because of Rupeek Quick. It is a credit line facility that business owners can take out by pledging their gold articles. They can withdraw money as per their requirements, and only pay back the amount they have withdrawn. It reduces the repayment burden on borrowers as well since they need to pay interest only on the utilised amount.

  1. Repayment Flexibility

We offer multiple repayment options that include one-time bullet payment, traditional EMIs, etc., for a hassle-free and convenient repayment.

  1. Rebate facility

At Rupeek, we offer an industry-first rebate facility on gold loans. Borrowers can avail this facility with regular repayment. The rebate amount depends on the frequency of repayment.

Searching for ‘gold-backed business loan providers near me’?

Well, we are pleased to inform you that Rupeek has a strong online and offline presence across Howrah. Thus, we can respond to any query and complete the entire process almost instantly.

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Top Localities of Howrah Where Rupeek is Operational

  • Alampur
  • Argari
  • Bandel
  • Bankra
  • Kalara
  • Chakpara
  • Mahiari
  • Tentulkuli
  • Eksara
  • Karia

The business opportunities in Howrah are increasing rapidly. Also, the continuous efforts of the West Bengal government in terms of administrative reforms are helping companies to set up their units conveniently. To top all this, our hassle-free business loan has made it easier for scores of individuals to secure an efficient financing solution. So, instead of scouring through the internet for a lender, contact us at Rupeek for quick and affordable financing.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the LTV on gold-backed business loans offered by Rupeek?

Rupeek offers the highest LTV in the market that goes up to 80%. Borrowers can avail up to Rs.1.5 crore depending on the purity of the gold they submit.

  1. Can I avail a business loan for small business in Howrah without gold ornaments?

Yes, you have the option to avail a small business loan in Howrah without gold. However, the criteria may be rigid, and the high interest rates might make it challenging to service the loan.

  1. What is the credit score required to avail gold-backed business loan from Rupeek?

Since it’s a secured loan, you do not require a credit score to avail this financing facility.

  1. Can I part-prepay the borrowed business loan amount?

Yes, you can easily part-prepay the amount. You can pay any amount greater than monthly interest but lower than the foreclosure amount.

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