Business Loan in Indore

The biggest city of Madhya Pradesh, Indore has a long history of trade and business that dates back to the 16th Century. Back in the days, it used to be an important trading hub between Deccan and Delhi. The current economic activities of Indore are mainly focused on manufacturing and Information Technology sector. There are several industrial and special economic zones, along with dedicated IT parks scattered around the city.

Development of such selected areas has helped business opportunities to surge in this city. Alongside, easy availability of funding avenues like a business loan in Indore, offered by various financial institutions has provided the much-needed monetary assistance to budding entrepreneurs.

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Types of Business Loans

Every business is different, and so is their financial needs. Hence, they need a viable financial solution that can help meet any monetary requirements that might arise in due course. In this regard, a business loan in Indore can be the most convenient option. Nevertheless, before applying for such a loan, entrepreneurs must learn about business loan types in length.

  1. Working Capital Loan

As the name suggests, this loan type helps businesses to replenish their working capital and facilitates the smooth running of day to day operations. Working capital loans in Indore allows companies to maintain their cash flow efficiently.

  1. Invoice Financing

This loan type helps entrepreneurs secure funding against their unpaid invoices. In the event of any urgent financial requirements, this can be the most efficient solution.

  1. Equipment Loan

Business finance in Indore also helps companies to purchase new equipment or upgrade the existing ones. It is, however, crucial for businesspersons to refer to a quick guide on business equipment financing before opting for it.

  1. Inventory Financing

With monetary assistance from this particular credit type, entrepreneurs can stock up on their inventory. The funds are especially useful when organisations face trouble to keep up with the market demand for their products or services.

Since such loans do not impose end-use restrictions, it can be difficult to classify them under specific types or categories. However, these above-mentioned types are available in the market as tailor-made financial products. Alongside these examples, there are separate lending options for women entrepreneurs.

This specially-curated loan type focuses on assisting women entrepreneurs in accessing easy funding against favourable repayment terms. Along with that, government loan for business start-up in Indore is also easily accessible, with both state and central governments offering these financing options.

How to Get a Business Loan in Indore?

Availing a business loan is not a particularly difficult task. There are several lenders operating in the city to fulfil any requirements for a business loan in Indore. However, availing credit from them requires an applicant to meet the requisite eligibility requirements, and submit necessary documents. 

Eligibility Requirements for Business Loans

  • CIBIL score: 750 or above
  • Business vintage: At least 2-3 years
  • Annual turnover: Minimum Rs.25 lakh
  • Balance sheet: Duly audited by a chartered accountant

Documents Required for Business Loans

  • KYC
  • Address proof
  • Business ownership documents
  • Income tax details of at least one year
  • Partnership deed in case of a partnership firm

Owing to their collateral-free nature, an unsecured business loan in Indore is regarded as high-risk lending. Hence, the adjoining eligibility requirements are stringent and mandatory to fulfil. Additionally, the documentation process is also lengthy.

So, is there any alternative funding option?

Entrepreneurs can easily bypass the hassles of a traditional business loan with a gold-backed one, a quick substitute. Rupeek, one of the prominent business loan providers in Indore, offers financing against gold ornaments. Since these are secured lending options, the terms against them are much more favourable and help business owners to repay their debts easily.

Rupeek Fintech Pvt. Ltd. has altered the idea of availing a loan against gold with its unique approach, and borrower-friendly schemes.

Benefits of Availing Gold Loan from Rupeek

The benefits of choosing Rupeek as the lender are as follows –

  1. Lowest Rate of Interest

Rupeek’s gold-backed business loans offer the lowest interest rate in the industry, starting from 0.49% per month. This low-interest payment makes it simpler for small and medium business owners of Indore to afford its repayment.

  1. Quick Approval

The gold loan application process is time-saving. We have a strong online and offline presence throughout the country at over 500 locations. Furthermore, with our easy online application and quick KYC verification process, individuals can receive their sanctioned amount within 30 minutes.

  1. Flexible Repayment Terms

With Rupeek, repaying a credit is not a hassle. There are multiple repayment options available, which includes the traditional EMIs, single time bullet payment, or paying the interest first and the principal later.

  1. Credit Line Facility

The latest offering from us, i.e. Rupeek Quick, aims to solve the liquidity crisis of companies. With the help of this credit line facility, entrepreneurs can now have ready access to funds whenever they require it. Individuals can pledge their gold only once, and then withdraw funds according to their needs. Further, they only need to repay the amount they have withdrawn.

  1. Doorstep Service

Rupeek offers instant online gold loan at your doorstep. With us, you need not step outside your home to avail the funds. Once you finish the application process, our company executive and a gold appraiser will visit your address for further processing. They will verify your documents and initiate the valuation of your gold jewellery. Once the process is complete, you will receive the funds in your account within 30-45 minutes.

With such benefits and more, individuals can avail the required business finance in Indore instantly without undertaking any convoluted application process.

Rupeek Gold Loan Service Locations in Indore

Currently, our services can be availed at –

  • Moti Tabela
  • Indore Khajrana
  • Rajendra Nagar
  • Vijay Nagar
  • Siyaganj
  • Khatiwala Tank
  • Nanda Nagar
  • Sudama Nagar
  • Lokmanya Nagar
  • Pardesipura
  • Indore Cloth Market
  • Radio Colony
  • Bijasan Road

The business opportunities in Indore are on the rise, and to make the most of them, one needs easy financial assistance. In this regard, opting for a business loan in Indore is the most convenient option. The no restriction on usage benefit proffered by such loans can help businesses to manage any monetary requirements without any glitches. Therefore, instead of searching for ‘business loan near me’, contact us at Rupeek for a quick solution.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How to apply for a gold-backed business loan from Rupeek?

Applying and availing a gold loan for business via Rupeek is a hassle-free process. One needs to visit the official website and enter their phone number and select the city to complete the application process. Following that, a company representative will get back to the applicant to complete the further processing of their application and consequent approval.

  1. What is LTV offered by Rupeek for their business loan against gold?

Rupeek offers the highest LTV or loan-to-value ratio in the market, which can go up to 80%. Individuals can avail up to Rs.1.5 crore based on the purity of their gold ornaments.

  1. Is there any gold-backed business loan balance transfer facility available with Rupeek?

Yes, one can transfer his/her existing credit against gold to Rupeek. The process is straightforward, and once can save up to Rs.12,377 per lakh in due course.

  1. What is the credit score requirement to avail a gold loan for business?

There is no credit score requirement to avail a gold loan from Rupeek for business.

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