Business Loan in Kanyakumari

“The Land’s End”, Kanyakumari is the southernmost town of India’s mainland. This town of Tamil Nadu is also popularly known as “Cape Comorin” and is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Due to its territorial position, agribusiness has flourished over the years. Besides, tourism and fishery businesses also have immense scope in this region.

Nevertheless, cottage, rubber, wood, coir and other industries also contribute to the overall economic growth of the state. Resultantly, these businesses often require funds to carry out their business operations. Thus, the demand for a business loan in Kanyakumari has been on a steady rise over the past several years. Moreover, to ensure the fulfilment of business specific-requirements, several NBFCs and banks offer financing under different categories.

Thus, borrowers must learn about different types of business loans that are available at their disposal to ensure sound financial management.

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Types of Business Loans Available In Kanyakumari

Following are some of the business loans in Kanyakumari that borrowers can choose from.

  1. Working Capital Loan

Enterprises can avail a working capital loan to streamline their cash flow. By using the fund, borrowers can:

  • Launch a new product or service
  • Hire new employees
  • Purchase raw materials, etc.
  1. Business Loan for Women

Women entrepreneurs can also get customised business finance in Kanyakumari for their businesses. Several lenders offer business loans with special features that help businesswomen to expand their business and repay the same effortlessly.

  1. Inventory Financing

It is another popular business loan in Kanyakumari that remains in demand. Businesses can avail funds against accounts receivables via this financing facility.

Nevertheless, applicants have to go through strict eligibility-checks to avail the funds irrespective of the type of loan they opt for. Moreover, the higher interest rates of unsecured business loans in Kanyakumari might restrict borrowers from availing this financing option.

In such cases, a gold loan offered by Rupeek can prove to be a great alternative to other traditional business financing options.

Features Of A Rupeek Gold Loan

Below are some of the features that make Rupeek gold loans better than other types of business loans in Kanyakumari.

  • Highest Per Gram Rate

We offer the highest per gram rate of gold in the market. With us, individuals can avail funds of up to Rs.1.5 crore, depending on the quality and quantity of the pledged gold items.

Prospective borrowers can also use our Rupeek gold loan calculator to know the amount of gold they need to pledge to get the desired loan amount.

  • Flexible Repayment Structure

Unlike a business loan in Kanyakumari, borrowers do not need to pay regular EMIs towards repayment of a gold loan with Rupeek. They can make the principal and interest payment as per their financial capabilities anytime within the tenure or settle the whole loan amount via a single bullet payment at the end.

  • Minimal Documentation

You only need to submit KYC documents to be eligible for a Rupeek gold loan.

  • Instant Approval and Disbursal

Since documentation is minimal, the approval and disbursal only take around 45 - 60 minutes.

Besides these, businesspersons can also leverage our overdraft facility to resolve their cash flow issues efficiently.

What is The Benefit of a Gold Credit Line offered by Rupeek?

Also known as Rupeek Quick, the facility allows individuals to avail an extended credit line against their pledged gold items. This fund is sanctioned on top of an existing gold loan. Thus, it requires no extra documentation. Moreover, this facility effectively reduces the interest payable as it’s charged only on the amount withdrawn.

Contact us today to learn more about our small business loans in Kanyakumari and put an end to “business loan providers near me” searches!

Where to Find Rupeek in Kanyakumari?

The following are the locations where individuals can enjoy our doorstep service within 30 minutes:

  1. Nagercoil
  2. Marthandam
  3. Thuckalay
  4. Colachel
  5. Kulasekharam
  6. Kuzhithurai
  7. Pudukadai
  8. Tiruvattar
  9. Arumanai
  10. Manavalakurichi
  11. Thengapattanam

With our city-wide availability, prospective borrowers can easily avail a gold-backed business loan in Kanyakumari and mitigate their financial concerns without any hassle.

Request for a Rupeek gold loan now to leverage all its benefits!

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the application process of Rupeek gold-backed business loan?

First, you need to make a gold loan request. Our loan manager will contact you shortly. That person will visit your house to evaluate and collect the gold items and for KYC verification within 30 minutes. On completing gold valuation, the loan amount will be disbursed within minutes.

  1. Can I get a gold loan for my fisheries business?

Yes, you can get a gold loan for your fisheries business.

  1. How do I make a part-payment of Rupeek gold-backed business loan?

You have to follow the same path as repayment of Rupeek gold loan. Only choose “part payment” as payment option and complete the transaction. Nonetheless, the part-payment amount should range between monthly interest and anything less than full-closure value.

  1. How to take a Rupeek gold loan for short-term business requirement?

Either you can choose a standard Rupeek gold loan, or you can opt for the Rupeek Quick facility if you are an existing customer. In both cases, you can secure funds for your business almost instantly.

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