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Noida, an indispensable part of the National Capital Region of India and the largest city of Uttar Pradesh, tops as the state’s GSDP contributor. This satellite city of Delhi accounted for 10.12 per cent of the total state’s GDP, according to the Times of India. Some of the major industries like software, food processing, IT, films, tourism and others have also attracted foreign investment of Rs.7000 crore from more than 10 countries, as per an article in the Hindustan Times

Resultantly, several corporations, large or small, have flocked here to make Noida a major business hub of North India. Simultaneously, the need for business funds also has driven people to opt for a business loan in Noida with feasible terms of service. 

Nevertheless, before borrowing the credit, people need to have a fair idea of how to get an instant loan in Noida for optimising their financial planning. 

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How to Avail a Business Loan?

While several business loan providers in Noida offer this financing facility, the stringent requirements for the same often play a spoilsport. They mainly extend this fund to any business after considering the following aspects. 

  • CIBIL Score 

One of the constraints that borrowers face to avail unsecured business loans in Noida is low CIBIL score. Lenders prefer a credit score above 750. This factor also influences the applicable interest rate.

  • Documentation 

Applicants need to submit company registration and incorporation documents, audited financial statements, individual bank statements, and KYC documents. A financial institution may ask for additional documents for business loan lending in Noida.

  • Business Vintage 

It refers to the number of years a business has been operational. Business vintage is crucial criterion individuals need to satisfy to avail business loans without collateral in Noida. Most lending institutes approve the loan to the enterprises that have crossed the threshold of 2 – 3 years. 

  • Annual Turnover 

Lenders assess a borrower’s repayment capability based on their business’s annual turnover. Thus, approval of an unsecured loan hinges a lot on this factor. Although different lenders have varied requirements, businesses need to generate a minimum turnover of Rs.25 lakh to be eligible.

Business-owners, in some cases, might lag in meeting all the eligibility criteria to avail a business loan in Noida. In such situations, a gold loan can be a perfect substitute for a business loan. 

Individuals can make the most use of their idle gold assets and procure required finance in Noida. However, a detailed study of the different features of a gold loan will help people to choose the best for them.

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Benefits of Availing Rupeek Gold-Backed Business Loan in Noida

Noida is soon going to have the biggest film city of India, and the proposed Jewar International Airport is likely to start operating within the next 2 years. 

These events are expected to make way for further opportunities for businesses of all kinds, especially restaurants, cab services, pubs, gas stations, etc. It also means the competition to avail loan for small business in Noida will shoot up significantly. Thence, it may be wiser to settle for a favourable Rupeek gold loan instead of a conventional business loan. 

Besides instant online gold loan at your doorstep, Rupeek offers the following features. 

  1. Substantial Loan Size

Rupeek is known for its offering of highest per gram value. With a higher LTV ratio, borrowers can get a loan of up to Rs.1.5 crore by collateralising their gold assets. Prospective borrowers can use our gold loan calculator to reckon the amount they can take out.

  1. Lowest Interest Rate

Unlike that of an unsecured business loan, the interest rate of Rupeek gold is affordable and starts at 0.49% per month. Resultantly, it further helps in bringing down the interest payment, facilitating an easy repayment.

  1. Flexible Repayment 

Rupeek offers different repayment options, allowing borrowers the flexibility to choose as per their financial capacity. They can pay off the entire loan amount with interest as per their convenience any time within the tenure. Alternatively, they can also pay off the amount at once with a bullet payment. Additionally, on regular payment, borrowers will get an applicable rebate to reduce their burden of liabilities. The amount of rebate is directly proportional to the paid amount. 

  1. Savings on Balance Transfer 

On top of all the advantages, individuals can transfer gold loan from their current lender to Rupeek and save up to Rs.12377/lakh on interest payable.

Besides an easy business loan against gold, we introduced an overdraft facility called Rupeek Quick that is making a buzz among prospective borrowers looking for instant availability of funds anytime, anywhere.

Why is Gold Loan Overdraft Best for Instant Access to Funds?

One of the features that make Rupeek different from other gold loan providers in Noida is its gold loan overdraft feature, namely Rupeek Quick. It is a convenient way to raise instant funds through an extended line of credit. Thus, those who require immediate credit to finance any short-term, emergency requirements in their business can choose this option. 

Rupeek disburses the loan amount to the borrower’s mobile wallet. From there, they can withdraw money and utilise as and when required. Moreover, they need to pay the interest only on the amount withdrawn, which they can repay flexibly within the tenure. 

People can avail Rupeek gold loan through a simple online application process. Furthermore, our presence across Noida makes it even easier for individuals searching for “business loan near me” to avail our services.

List of Rupeek Gold Loan Service Locations in Noida

We are currently operating in different places in and around Noida that includes –

  • Greater Noida
  • Dadri
  • Maharshi Nagar
  • Sec 12 Noida
  • Sec 16 Noida
  • Rabupura
  • Sec 27 Noida
  • Sector 30 Noida
  • GurjinderVihar
  • Sec34 Noida
  • Sec 122 Noida
  • Phase-II
  • Sector 125 Noida
  • Sec 128 Noida

Apply for a quick business loan in Noida today, and get funds in your account within 60 minutes! Rupeek gold loan is a one-stop solution for business aspirants not only as an alternative for a business loan but also as a unique financial product of great merits.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What documents do I need to submit to avail a gold-backed business loan in Noida?

The documentation process of a gold-backed business loan in Noida is straightforward and prompt. All you have to submit is KYC documents and utility bills or rental agreement to avail the credit. 

  1. Can I avail Rupeek gold loan to fund my business by pledging gold bars?

No, you cannot avail Rupeek loan pledging gold bars since our lenders only accept gold jewellery. 

  1. Is part-payment of a gold loan for business available in Rupeek?

Yes, we allow part-payment of a gold loan that you can make by logging into your Rupeek account. Select the tab “make part repayment” and pay any amount between monthly interest payable and full closure amount. 

  1. Who is eligible for a gold loan for business?

Any individual aged 18 years or above with sufficient gold is eligible for a gold loan for business. However, the gold needs to be 18 karats or above.

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