Credit Card Loan in Jaipur

Credit Card Loan in Jaipur

The capital city of Rajasthan is known for its rich history and cultural flamboyance. Due to its majestic architecture and predominantly pink coloured houses, Jaipur is also touted as the ‘Pink City of India.’ The famous Amber Fort and the Jantar Mantar are two UNESCO heritage sites in the city. Some of the other well-known tourist spots in the city include Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, etc. 

Besides tourism, Jaipur also acts as the provincial capital of the state’s educational and administrative activities. Recently, improved infrastructure and easy connectivity has also made this city one of the best places to live in. Nonetheless, along with improved facilities, the cost of living in the city is also soaring high with time. Hence, individuals requiring immediate financial assistance often resort to funding avenues like credit card loan in Jaipur. This helps them access the required funds immediately without depleting their savings. 

What Is Credit Card Loan in Jaipur?

With the constant push towards Digital India, citizens are gradually becoming more card-savvy, resulting in an increasing dependency on plastic money. While there are several payments cards in circulation, credit cards have gained immense popularity primarily due to their ‘buy now, pay later’ feature. 

Besides paying for different expenses on credit, individuals can avail a loan on credit card Jaipur to address any financial exigency. Select financial institutions allow cardholders to avail a loan against the unused credit limit of their cards. 

Borrowers can repay the loan against credit card via monthly instalments within a pre-specified tenure. Since the credit limit of a card is fixed, a credit card loan in Jaipur is typically pre-approved in nature. Thus, individuals in dire need of instant advances can search for this loan by typing ‘credit card loan providers near me’. 

Credit card refinancing Jaipur has some characteristics that individuals can consider before applying for the fund. 

  • credit card loan in Jaipur does not come with any end-use restriction. 
  • Individuals are allowed to avail a loan amount within their card’s limit. 
  • No additional documentation is required to avail the loan. 
  • One can use the loan to pay credit card outstanding
  • The approval and sanction of the loan amount are instant. 

However, not everyone who has a credit card is eligible for this loan. Individuals need to fulfil certain loan against credit card eligibility Jaipur to access the funds. 

Who Are Eligible To Avail A Credit Card Loan?

Individuals who are looking to apply for a credit card loan in Jaipur need to have -

  • An excellent credit score of 750 or above. 
  • Must have a good repayment history of the credit card bills. 

Most financial institutions offer a credit card consolidation loan to those with a remarkable bill payment pattern. 

However, for individuals who not have a credit card or are looking for a higher loan amount, this borrowing option may seem inconvenient. In this regard, they can opt for a more viable financial option like a gold loan. This particular funding avenue accompanies a host of benefits that makes it an apt alternative to a credit card loan in Jaipur

What Makes Gold Loan A Better Alternative To Credit Card Loan?

Almost every Indian household possess some amount of gold, irrespective of the financial status. In most cases, the gold sits idle in the locker. Therefore, a gold loan allows individuals to leverage gold’s equity to raise funds. 

Apart from this, some of the benefits of a gold loan include 

  • No restriction on usage. 
  • Minimal documentation.
  • Reduced cost of borrowing
  • Lower interest rate.

Unlike an instant loan on credit card, the lower interest rate against a gold loan makes it affordable for many potential borrowers. In addition, individuals can multiply their advantages by choosing a Rupeek gold loan. 

Features And Benefits Of Rupeek Gold Loan

Following are some of the features and facilities of a Rupeek gold loan that individuals can consider while looking for a feasible borrowing option. 

  1. Highest Per Gram Value 

Individuals can avail funds of up to Rs. 1.5 crores if they have adequate gold to pledge. We offer almost 80% of the current value of the gold pledged. Individuals can also make use of an online gold loan calculator to estimate the amount they have to offer to avail their desired amount. 

  1. Competitive Interest Rate

While loan on credit card Jaipur interest rate is on the higher side, our gold loan interest rate starts from 0.49% per month. Consequently, the EMI payable is also significantly reduced. 

  1. Flexible Repayment Options 

Besides a regular EMI option, we also have a flexible repayment scheme that one can choose as per his/her financial capacity. 

Individuals can repay the whole amount via a single bullet payment or pay as and when they can within the tenure. 

  1. Easy Loan Processing 

Rupeek also offers doorstep loan services that let borrowers avail a loan from the comfort of their home. After requesting for a Rupeek gold loan, the appraisal, document verification and loan disbursal are initiated at the borrower’s home. The entire process takes an average of 45 to 60 minutes. 

  1. Improved Gold Security 

The pledged gold is absolutely safe with Rupeek. We follow the procedure mentioned below to ensure the same -

  • The gold is collected from the borrower and carried in a GPS-enabled sealed container to the nearest partner bank’s vault. 
  • We provide complimentary door-to-door insurance of the pledged gold. 

Therefore, the safety of the gold is assured with Rupeek. 

Besides these, individuals also enjoy added benefits with our overdraft facility. 

What Is An Overdraft Facility?

Known as Rupeek Quick, this overdraft facility allows existing Rupeek borrowers to derive additional funds by pledging additional gold. Borrowers can choose to utilise only a portion of the total funds sanctioned as and when required. As such, they pay interest only on the utilised funds.

Moreover, we levy interest only on the fund utilised. It further reduces the burden of interest payment.

Find Us In Jaipur

People residing in Jaipur can check the following location list and request for Rupeek’s doorstep services in these areas. 

  1. Ashok Nagar
  2. Amer
  3. Talvandi
  4. Vaishali Nagar
  5. Mansarovar
  6. Vidhyadhar Nagar
  7. Jagatpura
  8. Shastri Nagar
  9. Shobha Nagar
  10. Bhankrota
  11. Durgapura
  12. Gandhi Nagar
  13. Jhotwara
  14. Malviya Nagar
  15. Bani Park

Hence, individuals who cannot afford to pay a high interest rate that a credit card loan in Jaipur accompanies can consider opting for the more convenient Rupeek gold loan. One can utilise the funds to pay for any planned or emergency expenses without hassle. 

Service a gold loan with Rupeek and finance any big-ticket purchase with ease. 

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Benefits of Gold Loan over Credit Card Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Credit Card Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is better - a credit card loan or a personal loan?

Generally, a credit card loan is suitable for the short-term financial requirement. On the other hand, a personal loan is right for long term financial plan. However, the utility any of these loans depends on the borrower’s requirements.

  1. Does loan on credit card affect credit score?

No, a credit card loan does not affect credit score. However, multiple loan applications can affect this score to a significant extent. 

  1. What are the factors to consider before opting for a credit card loan?

Before opting for a gold loan, individuals need to consider the eligibility, tenure, interest rate, repayment option, additional charges, and overall borrowing cost. 

  1. How can I part pre-pay my Rupeek gold loan?

You have to navigate to ‘repay your loan’ section and choose ‘make part payment’ option. The details of the outstanding balance, EMIs will appear on the screen. Initiate the transaction to complete the payment process. 

  1. How can I enjoy Rupeek rebates?

We provide rebates on the regular loan repayment. The rebate increases with higher payment frequency.

  1. Can I avail a Rupeek gold loan by pledging a gold coin?

No, you cannot avail a Rupeek loan by pledging a gold loan. We accept only gold jewellery to sanction the loan. 

  1. Is gold safe with Rupeek?

We take the utmost care when it comes to ensuring gold safety. We carry the gold in a GPS-enabled container to the nearest bank’s vault. We also extend complimentary insurance for the pledged gold in due course of the entire tenure. 

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