Credit Card Loan in Trivandrum

Credit Card Loan in Trivandrum

Officially known as Thiruvananthapuram, Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala is located in the southern-most part of India along the west coast. Built on top of seven hills, this city is flanked on the west by the Lakshadweep Sea and on the east by the Western Ghats.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Trivandrum include Poovar Island and Kanakunnu Palace. This city is also renowned for being home to the famous Padmanabhaswamy Temple. As for its economy, besides the handicrafts and textile industries, its IT and tourism sectors are major contributors.

Recently, owing to its economic development, the cost of living in Trivandrum has significantly increased. This has led individuals to opt for a credit card loan in Trivandrum to meet their financial requirements. For residents of Trivandrum, choosing to avail a credit card loan can be a viable solution to their financial woes.

Features Of A Credit Card Loan In Trivandrum

Following are some of the notable features of a credit card loan:

  • The interest rate on loan against credit card will depend on the borrower’s credit repayment history and income.
  • Since this form of financial assistance is a preapproved offer, borrowers are not required to submit documents such as income proof, address proof and more.
  • The loan amount can be repaid through monthly instalments.
  • Some lending institutions may allow availing a credit card consolidation loan which enables to transfer the outstanding balance of different credit cards to a single one.
  • This type of loan is an unsecured one and does not require any collateral.

Loan Against Credit Card Eligibility Criteria

To avail a loan on credit card Trivandrum, one needs to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • He/she must be a credit cardholder.
  • CIBIL score eligibility for credit card loans should be preferably above 750.
  • Must have a decent credit repayment pattern.

Although individuals are not required to submit credit card loan documents, fulfilling the eligibility criteria can pose to be a challenge. Moreover, the high interest rates charged on the loan amount by lending institutions can soon become a burden. If your credit score is not adequate to avail a credit card loan in Trivandrum, opting for a gold loan instead can be an ideal solution.

Gold Loan – The Ideal Alternative To A Credit Card Loan

A gold loan is a type of secured lending option, sanctioned by a lender against gold ornaments pledged by the borrower. It is essential for all borrowers to note that the purity level of the ornaments should be at least 18 carats.

Following are the differences between a gold loan and a credit card loan in Trivandrum:

Basis of Comparison

Gold Loan

Credit Card Loan

Type of Loan

This a secured loan which can be availed by pledging gold ornaments as collateral.

This is an unsecured loan; no collateral is required. 

Credit score requirement

Contrary to a credit card takeover loan Trivandrum, the credit score is not taken into account.

Borrowers’ credit score must be as per the requirement of the financial institution, which is usually above 750.

Interest rate

The interest rate on the loan amount does not depend on the income of the borrower.

The interest rate is determined by the income and credit profile of the borrower. Hence, to be eligible for credit card lowest interest rate Trivandrum, you’ll require an excellent credit repayment history.

Loan repayment flexibility

In case of a gold loan, you can opt to make repayments via instalments. Or, you can choose to repay the entire amount at the end of the loan tenure.

The repayment options of credit card loans are not as flexible.

Loan tenure

A gold loan has a short repayment tenure, for example, 6 months.

A credit card loan has a longer repayment tenure as compared to a gold loan.

From the above tabular representation, it can be observed that the features of a gold loan appear are more borrower-friendly than a credit card loan in Trivandrum. Hence, it has become a preferred means of financing for most individuals. Moreover, with additional benefits such as doorstep service and gold loan calculator offered by Rupeek, financing big and small-ticket expenses is now more convenient than ever.

Features Of Rupeek Gold Loan

The following are the benefits extended by Rupeek under its gold loan -

  • Doorstep Service: We provide doorstep service to make the whole procedure as convenient as possible.
  • No End-use Limitations: You can use the sanctioned loan amount to finance all types of requirements.
  • CIBIL Score Not Required: Unlike a credit card loan in Trivandrum, your CIBIL score is not taken into account when availing a gold loan from us.
  • Hassle-free Documentation: You only need to submit your KYC documents.
  • Maximum Safety: Once the formalities are complete, your gold is transported to the authorised bank branch in a sealed bag with a GPS tracker. On reaching the bank, it is stored in a secured locker under military-grade surveillance. Moreover, we also provide 100% door to door insurance.
  • Loan Overdraft Against Gold: With us, you can avail a loan overdraft against gold. This facility is known as Rupeek Quick. This enables you to pay interest only on the amount that you utilise out of the total sanctioned limit.

As noted above, our doorstep loan facility makes it possible for Trivandrum residents to avail our services from the comfort of their homes. To avail a gold loan, place a request via our app, and our executive will reach your location on the scheduled time.

Areas In Trivandrum Where We Operate

Residents of the following areas in Trivandrum can avail our services easily:

  • Vattiyoorkavu
  • Pachalloor
  • Karaivattom
  • M G Road
  • Poojapura
  • Kallambalam
  • Kazhakkoottam
  • Peroorkada
  • Peyad
  • Janardhanapuram

Put a stop to your search for the best “credit card loan provider near me”. Apply for a gold loan with us instead of a credit card loan in Trivandrum, and reap the benefits of the above-mentioned features.

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Benefits of Gold Loan over Credit Card Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Credit Card Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I improve my credit score by paying my EMIs on time?

Yes, paying off your EMIs on time has a positive impact on your credit score. However, if you fail to pay the monthly instalments, your credit score will decrease, and subsequently, your chances to avail further financial assistance will be hampered.

  1. Can I apply for a gold loan if I’ve already availed a credit card loan in Trivandrum?

Yes, you can apply for a gold loan even if you’ve already availed a credit card loan.

  1. Is GST applicable on loan against credit card?

Yes, GST of 18% is applicable on the interest amount or other financial charges that are imposed by the financial institution. 

  1. Can I pledge all types of gold items to avail a gold loan?

No, our lending partners only accept gold ornaments as collateral. Therefore, other gold items, like coins and bars, are not accepted.

  1. How much interest do I need to pay on a gold loan from Rupeek?

We offer the cheapest interest rates, starting at 0.49% p.m. However, our interest rates may vary based on your choice of scheme and location.

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