Credit Card Loan in Vijayawada

Credit Card Loan in Vijayawada

Known as Bezawada, Vijayawada is located in the centre of Andhra Pradesh. This city is home to the famed Shree Durga Temple and attracts a large number of pilgrims every year. Alongside, some of the well-known tourist sites of this city include Prakasham Barrage, Undavalli Caves, Gandhi Hill among others.

Besides housing a booming tourism industry, Vijayawada is also a rapidly developing city of Southern India. With its steady urbanisation, the city has attracted several people to relocate here to access better educational and job opportunities.

Urbanisation has also prompted a majority of its population to shift to digital payment methods instead of hard cash. Consequently, credit card loan in Vijayawada has also become popular to address financial emergencies.

What Is Loan On Credit Card Vijayawada?

Credit card loan in Vijayawada is an instant financing option that can be availed to meet any number of funding requirements. These funds do not have any end-use restrictions, allowing borrowers the freedom to utilise them to address immediate liquidity crises. Following are some of the benefits of an instant loan on credit card.

  • Avail a loan against the unutilised credit limit of a card.
  • Repay the loan amount via easy EMIs.
  • Interest-free period on loan repayment.
  • One can use the fund to pay credit card outstanding.
  • Collateral-free funds.
  • No documentation required.

Borrowers can avail all these facilities by searching for ‘credit card loan provider Vijayawada near me’. However, they have to first meet the eligibility to avail the funds.

Eligibility For Loan On Credit Cards

Following are the prerequisites that prospective borrowers have to fulfil.

  • Sound credit score.
  • Improved repayment pattern and on-time bill payment.

While a credit card loan in Vijayawada seems feasible to acquire immediate funds, it entails a high interest rate. Moreover, defaulting on bill payment can lead individuals to be penalised.

To bypass these hassles, borrowers can opt for a gold loan from Rupeek and enjoy a host of benefits that make for a pleasant borrowing experience.

Benefits Of Rupeek Gold Loan

Rupeek gold loan accompanies several advantages that prospective borrowers can consider before applying for a credit card loan in Vijayawada. Here are some notable ones.

  • Highest Per Gram Value

Individuals can access financing of up to Rs. 1.5 crore against the value of gold in their possession. They can also use an online loan calculator to estimate the gold value that they require as collateral for a specific loan amount.

  • Repayment Flexibility

Individuals can also enjoy the privilege to choose their customised repayment option from different schemes. Borrowers can either settle for regular EMI payment, or they can opt for flexible repayment options. The latter allows them to repay the entire amount at one go via a bullet payment or pay as per their convenience within the tenure.

  • Interest Rate @ 0.49%

While most instant loan on credit card accompanies higher interest rate, a Rupeek’s interest rate starts from 0.49%/month. It ensures that the monthly instalments for the loan remain low and most people can afford it.

  • Doorstep Services

We have introduced several industry-first facilities and doorstep service is one of them. Starting from document verification to gold appraisal and loan disbursal, every process is initiated at the borrower's residence. The entire process takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete.

Thus, with Rupeek, people can opt for an instant online gold loan at their doorstep with minimal documentation.

  • Overdraft Facility

Rupeek gold loan borrowers are also eligible to avail additional funds with the help of our overdraft facility. Further, with this credit line, borrowers can withdraw funds as and when required from a pre-sanctioned limit. They only have to pay interest on the fund utilised, which further reduces the interest payment.

This facility is known as Rupeek Quick and is available to existing customers.

With such benefits and more, borrowers in Vijayawada can access ample funds with heightened convenience.

Rupeek’s Availability In Vijayawada

If you happen to reside in any of the following locations in Vijayawada, you can request for our gold loan doorstep services.

  • Gannavaram
  • Ibrahimpatnam
  • Vuyyuru
  • Bhavanipuram
  • Gollapudi
  • Kondapalli
  • Nandigama
  • Kanchikacharla
  • Rmavarappadu
  • Nidamanuru
  • Kankipadu
  • Autonagar
  • Mylavaram
  • Satyanarayanapuram

Thus, individuals who cannot qualify for a credit loan in Vijayawada should consider opting for a Rupeek gold loan to mitigate their financial requirements without exhausting their savings.

Apply for a gold loan from Rupeek and finance any big-ticket purchase with ease.

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Benefits of Gold Loan over Credit Card Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Credit Card Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. How much loan can I avail against my credit card?

The loan against credit card amount depends primarily on the credit profile of the borrower and the limit of the particular card. Moreover, the lender also takes into consideration the repayment pattern of an applicant before sanctioning the funds.

  1. Can I take a loan on a credit card to consolidate credit card debts?

Yes, you can take a loan on a credit card to consolidate debts accumulated on other cards.

  1. What documents do I have to provide to avail a Rupeek gold loan?

You have to provide KYC documents alongside a lease agreement or utility bill.

  1. Do I have to have a high credit score to be eligible for a Rupeek gold loan?

No, credit score is not a criterion that needs to be satisfied to be eligible for a Rupeek gold loan.

  1. How to use a Rupeek gold loan calculator?

First, you have to navigate to the gold loan calculator page and enter your desired loan amount and the carat specification of the gold you possess. On calculating, it will show the necessary gold amount in grams that you have to pledge to avail the necessary funds.

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