Doorstep Loan in Kolkata

Doorstep Loan in Kolkata

Also known as the Cultural Capital of India, Calcutta or Kolkata is notable for historical structures like the Indian Museum, Vidyasagar Setu, and Victoria Memorial, making it a popular tourist destination. India’s third-most populous metropolis is also a significant trade hub. Besides comprising large-scale industrial bodies like CESC Limited, Britannia Industries, ITC Limited, Birla Corporation, and Coal India Limited, the capital city of West Bengal is also home to a robust IT sector, making up for significant corporate employment.

Living in a Tier-I city of this scale can tax one’s savings, especially when undertaking significant expenses. The busyness of living in Kolkata also leaves individuals with limited time to visit a lender for various formalities. Thus, a relatively new financial service, doorstep loan in Kolkata, is gaining speedy popularity, given its significant advantages over conventional loan procedure.

What Do You Understand By Doorstep Loans?

Doorstep financing is a convenient borrowing option that lets individuals avail funds from the comfort of their residence. Several banks and non-banking financial institutions in India offer doorstep services to loan-seekers lacking the time or ability to visit the lender for a loan application. Individuals can opt for such services for almost all traditional types like:

  • Collateral-free Loans: These are unsecured loans that financial institutions extend without collateral. These mainly include:
  • Doorstep personal loan
  • Doorstep credit card loans

Although these can be a great choice for quick short-term requirements, a lack of security makes lenders set stringent eligibility criteria for applicants to qualify.

  • Secured Loans: These are funds sanctioned against an asset and include the following sub-types.
  • Gold loans
  • Mortgage loans like a loan against property.
  • Car loans

The first two types come with the extra burden of submitting all property-related documents for verification. A doorstep gold loan can be a more profitable and easy borrowing option if individuals want to avoid such a hassle. Regardless of the credit type, doorstep services come with a few common benefits that make it a popular funding option in Kolkata.


Why Do Individuals Seek Doorstep Loan In Kolkata?

Most banks and NBFCs extend doorstep services for funding options to individuals with a constant income source. It mainly includes business-owners and salaried employees who hardly find time outside their busy schedules. A quick doorstep loan during cash crunches offers them:

  • Convenience: An agent from the lending institution visits applicants at their preferred location to complete all formalities of a loan procedure.
  • Instant Liquidity: Funds are generally transferred within 2 – 4 working days, giving individuals access to instant personal loans.
  • Customised Funds: Loan representatives decide fund amount for individual borrowers according to their present financial standing to reduce default chances. It also prevents borrowers from straining their finances unnecessarily.

Individuals can get in touch with their desired lender via their doorstep loan contact number to benefit from the aforementioned benefits.

However, to get their hands on such advantages, individuals need to fulfil specific eligibility and documentation requirements.

How Can You Qualify For Doorstep Finance?

Doorstep loan requirements may vary across lending institutions, depending on the loan type. However, there are some standard eligibility and documentation parameters for secured and unsecured funds that individuals must be aware of before choosing to apply for a doorstep loan.


Secured Doorstep Loans

Unsecured Doorstep Loans


Must be above 18 years

Can vary across lending parties


Should be a salaried or self-employed individual

Same as that of secured loans

CIBIL score

Might be necessary

Must be 750 and above

Net earnings

Must match lender-specific criteria

Same as secured funds






- Proof of residence

- Income proof

- All property-specific documents for mortgage loans and car loans

- Recent passport-sized photographs

- ID proof

- Address proof

- Income proof

- Recent bank transaction details

- ITR documents

- Credit history details

- Other financial documents, as required

The strict eligibility criteria to qualify for doorstep online personal loans or traditional secured loans might hurdle individuals with poor credit history or lack the necessary documents. Additionally, unsecured doorstep loans come with high interest rates, making it an expensive borrowing option, inadequate for big-ticket payments.

Worried about how to finance overheads amidst such challenges?

Approaching doorstep money lenders offering gold loans can be an easy way out in such situations.

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What Makes Doorstep Gold Loan More Feasible?

In addition to the general advantages of a doorstep loan in Calcutta, gold-backed funds offer the following benefits over other credit types.

  • Relaxed Eligibility: Doorstep gold loans come with simple eligibility requirements and minimal documentation that do not involve credit checks, thus, making them ideal doorstep loans for unemployed
  • No End-use Restriction: Unlike other secured funds, gold-backed doorstep loan lenders in Kolkata do not place any end-use constraints on these financial products. Borrowers can utilise acquired funds for any requirement, from renovating homes to medical emergencies.
  • Affordable Loans: These are comparatively low-interest-rate loans, making them affordable even for individuals with unsteady cash flow.

If you have reached this far searching ‘doorstep loan provider near me’, you can opt for the best gold loan offers from Rupeek. We are an RBI-certified NBFC specialising in fast and easy gold-backed doorstep loan.

Why Choose Rupeek’s Doorstep Loan In Kolkata?

Following are some of the advantages of a Rupeek gold loan besides the benefits of general gold-backed doorstep funds.

  • Easy Online Application: Individuals can place a loan request through our simple application procedure via the Rupeek website or app. Post a successful application, they get easy access to online gold loans at their doorstep.
  • High Loan Amount: With Rupeek, borrowers can obtain up to 80% of their gold jewellery’s current market value. It gives them access to funds as high as Rs. 1.5 crore. Loan-seekers can also check their borrowable loan amount in advance using our online gold loan calculator.
  • Flexible Repayment: Borrowers can choose from our multiple repayment schemes, including conventional loan EMI method and payment as per convenience, including one-time bullet payment.
  • Gold Credit Line Facility: Members of our customer base can enjoy an exclusive gold credit line facility called Rupeek Quick by pledging some additional gold items. Under this, Rupeek sanctions a credit limit to borrowers, from which they can utilise funds as per their requirement. It makes for an excellent emergency loan since it does not involve additional documentation and can be availed directly from an in-app wallet.
  • Fastest Loan Disbursal: Our relaxed eligibility criteria and simple documentation facilitate loan transfer within 1-2 hours, making it faster than any other doorstep loan in Kolkata.

Some borrowers can even avail funds within as less than 30 minutes if applied from specific locations.

Where To Find Us In Kolkata?

Avail of our 30-minute loan processing policy from the following areas in Kolkata.

  • Baranagar
  • Kalighat
  • Jadavpur
  • Dum Dum
  • Baghajatin
  • Park Street
  • Dharmatala
  • Hastings
  • College Square
  • Taltala
  • Ballygunge
  • Esplanade
  • Tollygunge
  • Ganesh Chandra Avenue
  • Park Circus
  • Behala

Rupeek aims to extend gold loan services to every nook and corner of the country, including the localities in Kolkata mentioned above. Find your nearest Rupeek service location and avail your desired doorstep loan today!

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Benefits of Gold Loan over Doorstep Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Doorstep Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. What should I look out for when choosing a doorstep loan lender?

You must first check the credibility of any doorstep loan company before proceeding with the application. Once verified, you can consider their policies like interest rates, repayment tenure, additional charges, prepayment facility, etc., before applying. Borrowers can also compare offers of multiple lenders to pick the most beneficial one.

  1. Can I avail doorstep service for business loans?

Although several financial institutions offer doorstep loans for businesses, it is always wise to check with your concerned lender.

  1. How do I know if my doorstep loan is approved?

You will receive a confirmation mail or text at your registered number from the financier. If you apply for a loan with Rupeek, you receive approval and disbursal in real time.

  1. How safe are my collaterals with Rupeek?

Rupeek offers optimum security of pledged gold items with ISO 9011:2015 certified safety procedures. We have our security partner Brinks take utmost care of collaterals during transportation, using containers attached with GPS tracker. After that, jewellery items are stored in safe vaults of partner banks within a 5-km radius of your residence, where they stay under military-grade security surveillance. Additionally, we also provide full insurance coverage of collaterals against theft or disfiguration.

  1. What do I do in case I find a mismatch with returned gold items?

If you find any discrepancy with your returned jewellery items, kindly reach out to us via our customer helpdesk number.

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