Doorstep Loan in Mysore

Doorstep Loan in Mysore

Situated on the foothills of Chamundi Hills, Mysore is a city with rich culture and diverse architecture. These qualities attribute to its serene beauty and attract tourists from both in and out of the country. The city is most popular for its sandalwood production, Mysore Palace, Mysore Pak (a sweet dish), and a traditional turban called Mysore Peta. It is also renowned for producing a special variety of jasmine flower called Mysore Mallige.

Mysore’s economy depends a lot on its tourism and media sector as the city has a lot to put forward. With recent urbanisation, the city has increased both in terms of area and population. This has made the people concentrate more on their business and work, leaving hardly any time to run other errands. Due to that, individuals fail to take out time even for urgent needs such as applying for a loan. To relieve the residents from such difficulties, financial institutions now offer doorstep loan in Mysore.

Understanding Doorstep Loans

Often referred to as home credit loans or home collection loans, these are facilities that are processed at the borrower’s preferred location. It hardly differs from any other type of loans except that one does not have to visit the bank. These can be both secured and unsecured and are available in a variety of categories.

Whether you select an online personal loan or a secured alternative decides a lot of factors. For example, some of these factors are the rate of interest, required documents, eligibility, etc. As secured loans are backed with collateral, it will not require stringent eligibility criteria. When in urgent need of money, a fast approving personal loan can seem helpful, but it can drain a significant sum in the form of interest. Plus, you need a CIBIL score of 750 or above.

However, there are limitations with secured doorstep loans in Mysore as well. One shall note these before applying.

Issues with Secured Loans

The primary limitation of most collateral-backed loans is that a lot of time is lost in evaluating the collateral. Also, one needs to produce several documents to back their pledged collateral, which is not always possible for everyone.

However, if you can filter through the usual loans against collateral, you will come across both fast and secured options, more beneficial than the best personal loan. Such a credit facility is a gold loan that requires only a little effort from your side. So, if you were about to search “doorstep loan providers near me”, look for lenders that offer gold-backed doorstep credit products.

A Brief About Gold Loan

The name explains this credit facility’s crux, but one should not categorise it with another type of secured loans. A gold-backed doorstep loan in Mysore can also act as a personal loan in certain aspects with no end-use restriction and straightforward approval. However, these similarities do not take away their secured loan benefits, such as low-interest rate and lenient eligibility criteria. Instead, it has an extra advantage that usual secured or unsecured loans lack, that is the need of hardly any documentation.

You can avail a gold loan with just your KYC documents and even get a significantly high amount against your gold ornaments. Most lenders also prefer to offer these loans as the collateral’s value is easily calculated and can be liquidated quickly. No matter from which perspective one assesses this credit facility, there are only advantages. The only risk is of pledging your gold to a possibly fraudulent institution. If you want to safeguard yourself from potential loan sharks, the ideal answer to your query of “private finance near me” is Rupeek. It is both credible and offers a massive array of added advantages.

Rupeek – Your Ideal Lender

Most loans are taken because of an existing burden; we offer our services to ensure that our credit product does not add to it. On the contrary, with our provided services and features, we want to put forward our facility as a “solution”. With us, you can avail benefits like:

  1. Extremely Low Rate of Interest – We charge a monthly interest as low as 0.49%, a drastic drop from what standard secured or personal loan interest rates are. You save a significant amount of money by choosing our services.
  2. Loan Transfer Facility – Just because you availed a disadvantageous gold loan, does not mean you have to commit to it all the way through. You can conveniently transfer that loan to our credit program and enjoy our beneficial features. To know more about our loan transfer facility, contact our customer care personals.
  3. Helpful Overdraft Facility – You do not have to use your loan amount at once, by getting an extended credit line you can withdraw sections of the sum time-to-time. For this, you have to opt for our overdraft facility called Rupeek Quick, which also provides you with the advantage of only paying interest on what you have used.
  4. Wide Range of Loan Amount – Doorstep loan in Mysore or any other place in the country usually only offer a certain amount, which is considerably low. But with our credit facility, you can obtain a loan as high as Rs. 1.5 crore. However, we do not just cater to borrowers with more significant needs. If you need a small loan of Rs. 15,000, we offer that as well.
  5. Swift Approval Process – After you choose our credit facility, our representative will visit your house for document verification and loan approval. The entire process takes only 60 minutes, and you hardly have to do anything. This loan application saves both your time and effort.

Currently, we offer our doorstep loan services to almost every significant part of Mysore. We have both representatives and partnered bank locations to reach all the people in need.

Location List – Rupeek’s Doorstep Services

If you live in any of the following places, you can enjoy our doorstep loan in Mysore.

  • Hunsur
  • Vijayanagar
  • Jayalakshmipuram
  • Bylakuppe
  • Kuvempunagar
  • Periyapatna
  • Bettadapura
  • Saligrama
  • Udayagiri
  • G Koppal
  • Bannimantap
  • Gokulam
  • Saraswathipuram

We are continually expanding our reach. We provide our gold-backed doorstep loan in Mysore in and around these areas. To know more about our features and loan policy, download our app or check our website page dedicated to your city.

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Benefits of Gold Loan over Doorstep Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Doorstep Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I avail a doorstep loan with a low CIBIL score?

Yes, if you are opting for a secured doorstep gold loan, the lender will not ask for your CIBIL score. However, unsecured private loan lenders in Mysore will not approve your application if your score is below 750.

  1. What kind of gold articles can I pledge for a Rupeek loan?

At Rupeek, the only accepted pledged gold items are gold jewellery. Anything else made of gold is not considered acceptable collateral.

  1. Do I have to be an employed individual to avail Rupeek gold loan?

No, any individual who is 18 years or older can avail of our gold-backed doorstep loan in Mysore with just KYC documents.

  1. Is there a processing charge for Rupeek’s loan transfer facility?

Our loan transfer service is framed to help people who are stuck with an unfavourable loan policy. We do not charge any extra fee to ease their troubles.

  1. What should I do if one of my gold pieces of jewellery is missing?

If a gold article is missing or you find any other discrepancy in the returned gold, please contact our customer service to resolve the issue.

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