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last updated on 22 May 2022


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Gold bears a cultural and emotional significance in Agra and across India. It is an excellent investment instrument and acts as collateral that can be pledged to a lender to access a sizeable fund to meet financial contingencies without worrying about its end-use.

However, like in any other city in India, the gold price in Agra frequently fluctuates. Hence, be it purchasing or pledging ornaments to borrow a gold loan, Agra residents must be aware of the ongoing price of this yellow metal in the city to avoid incurring any loss.

Gold Price Calculator In Agra

Gold Value :

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Gold Prices in Agra for different purity

PurityGold price 1 gramGold price 10 gram

Gold Prices in Agra for last 7 days

DateGold price 1 gramGold price 10 gram
20 May, 2022₹ 5,400₹ 54,000
19 May, 2022₹ 6,000₹ 60,000
18 May, 2022₹ 6,500₹ 65,000
17 May, 2022₹ 7,000₹ 70,000
16 May, 2022₹ 7,500₹ 75,000
15 May, 2022₹ 6,500₹ 65,000
14 May, 2022₹ 7,500₹ 75,000

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What is the Gold Rate in Agra for Different Purities? (Comparison Table for 18,22 and 24 Karats)

The per unit of gold rate in Agra depends on its quality or purity. Individuals can buy 18, 22, or 24 Karat gold.

The 24 Karat contains approximately 99.9% of gold and is purer and costlier than other types. 22 Karat is usually used in manufacturing regular ornaments and is a bit cheaper than 24 Karat. At the same time, 18 Karat is less pricey than 22 and 24 Karats. It is also the minimum purity that several lenders usually seek while sanctioning a gold loan.

Further, individuals can check this page to get a regular updated gold price in Agra.

What is the Gold Price in Agra for the Last 7 Days?

The demand for gold in Agra is increasing steadily, and so is its price. Experts speculate that this inflationary trend will continue in the future as well.


Check the Weekly and Monthly Graph of Gold Rate in Agra

In addition to the increasing demand for gold in the Agra market contributing to the rising gold prices in the city, other factors like security, maintenance, and transportation charges determine this precious yellow metal’s price. Apart from this, since India is the largest gold importer, the exchange rate between US dollars and rupees influences the gold price in Agra. Additionally, taxation policies and tariffs on this metal are other factors that add to its price.

Take a look at the graphical representation of the gold rate in Agra over the last few weeks and months.


What is the Reason to Check Gold Rate in Agra Before Purchasing?

The gold price keeps changing frequently. Thus, residents must keep an eye on its price in Agra, which they can find on this page easily. Knowing about the ongoing price of this metal will assist individuals, especially willing gold loan borrowers, to compare every financier in Agra before choosing one and get the desired loan amount without hassle.

What are the Determinant Factors of Gold Prices in Agra?

Following are the factors affecting gold prices in Agra:

  • Inflation
  • Global change in gold prices
  • Demand and supply of gold
  • Interest rates on financial services and products
  • Gold reserves held by the Reserve Bank of India
  • Fluctuations in currency
  • Import duty
  • Geopolitical influence on gold

How Is Gold Price Calculated in Agra?

Individuals can compute gold values using the following methods:

Percentage Purity Method - Gold value = (Gold’s purity x weight x gold rate) / 24

*Karat Purity Method - Gold value = (Gold’s purity x weight x gold rate) / 100*

Once individuals obtain the value, they can use this to get the following results from our gold loan calculator on this page:

To Know Gold Ornaments Required to Get a Loan

Step 1: Select the ‘Choose required Loan Amount’ tab and choose the loan amount needed.

Step 2: Additionally, select a convenient tenor and reasonable interest rate to get the details of gold required for a loan, monthly and aggregate interest payables.

To Know the Gold Loan Amount

Step 1: Click on the ‘Choose available Gold Weight’ option.

Step 2: Individuals need to provide the weight and purity of gold to be pledged in grams and Karat, respectively. Apart from this, select a tenure and interest rate.

After entering all the details, the result will display a loan amount that an individual can get against pledging collateral, monthly and total interest payable towards that loan.

Why Does the Gold Rate in Agra Vary from That in Other Cities?

Here are the following reasons why gold rates in Agra are different from that in other cities of India:

  • Transportation costs in and around Agra
  • Making charges
  • Taxes imposed for purchasing gold in Agra

So, keep an eye on the gold price in Agra before borrowing a gold loan. For the purpose of a gold loan in Agra, turn to Rupeek to get a gold loan at an affordable interest rate and flexible repayment terms.

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