Gold Price in Dehradun today - 22 May

last updated on 22 May 2022


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The precious metal gold has been a benchmark of wealth for centuries. Its value is far greater in culturally rich towns like Dehradun. Numerous religious and cultural celebrations lead people to purchase gold. In addition, its high liquidity and ever-increasing value make it an attractive investment option and a dependable hedging asset.

Since market rates fluctuate daily, it is vital to know the daily price of this yellow metal. You can then make an informed purchasing decision.

Gold Price Calculator In Dehradun

Gold Value :

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Gold Prices in Dehradun for different purity

PurityGold price 1 gramGold price 10 gram

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Gold Prices in Dehradun for last 7 days

DateGold price 1 gramGold price 10 gram
20 May, 2022₹ 5,400₹ 54,000
19 May, 2022₹ 6,000₹ 60,000
18 May, 2022₹ 6,500₹ 65,000
17 May, 2022₹ 7,000₹ 70,000
16 May, 2022₹ 7,500₹ 75,000
15 May, 2022₹ 6,500₹ 65,000
14 May, 2022₹ 7,500₹ 75,000

Gold Rates in Dehradun According to Purity

Pure gold is a somewhat soft metal. Making jewellery with it is thus difficult. Therefore, it is alloyed with other metals to improve hardness and other desirable characteristics. The alloying ratio of gold to other metals determines the value of the gold that you buy.

The alloying ratio is measured in units called Karats. The purest form of gold that you can purchase is 24 karats. This is found only as gold coins or bars. Jewellery is made using two other common forms: 18 karats and 22 karats. Since the cost depends on purity, you should know the rates of all three forms before finalising your decision.

Gold Prices in Dehradun in the Last Week

Dehradun is a small town with a religious and culturally inclined population. The many religious festivals and cultural celebrations held here all involve purchasing and gifting gold, mainly as jewellery. The demand here is thus always high. This demand also drives the market rates up. You can see the comparative prices of gold in Dehradun in this table.

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A visual representation of gold prices growth allows you to understand this trend better. Deciding on a good time to buy is therefore made easier. Here is a graphical representation of gold prices in Dehradun over the last week and month.

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Importance of Checking Gold Rates in Dehradun before Buying

There are multiple reasons why you should be aware of the gold rates in Dehradun before you buy or apply for a gold-backed loan. First, the rate will obviously determine how much gold you can purchase. Also, the amount you will receive as a loan against your gold will be decided by these rates. In addition to these, various lenders also fix their interest rates based on these prices. Therefore, it helps to know the market price beforehand.

Factors That Affect Gold Rates in Dehradun

Various significant factors impact the cost of gold in the market. Some of these factors are:

  • Demand
  • Interest rates
  • Taxation rates
  • Inflation rates
  • Changing currency values
  • Gold reserves of governments
  • Event-based buying trends

Calculating Gold Price in Dehradun

There are two methods to determine your gold’s value:

  1. For purity in percentage: Value = (purity x weight x rate) / 24
  2. For purity in karats: Value = (purity x weight x rate) / 100

The Rupeek gold loan calculator tells you the amount of loan you can get against your jewellery.

To know the gold required for loan

  • Step 1: Select the 'Choose required Loan Amount' tab in the gold loan calculator.
  • Step 2: Enter loan amount required, comfortable interest rate, and repayment tenure by dragging the sliders.

The calculator shows you the monthly interest, total interest, and amount required for your loan.

To know the eligible loan amount

  • Step 1: Select 'Choose available Gold Weight' in the gold loan calculator.
  • Step 2: Enter the amount of gold, its purity, interest rate, and tenure with the help of the sliders.

The calculator will show the total amount, total interest, and monthly interest.

Reasons for Differing Gold Rates between Dehradun and Other Cities

Gold rates in Dehradun are usually different from other cities in India. This is also caused by various factors such as:

  • Demand variations
  • Storage and transportation costs
  • Jewellery making charges
  • Taxation changes
  • Seasonal changes in the volume of jewelry purchased

Therefore, if you want to purchase gold or use it as collateral for a gold-backed loan, knowing the prevailing market rates is paramount.

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