Gold Price in Mangalore today - 21 May

last updated on 21 May 2022


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The fascination of Indians with gold is well renowned. Apart from being historically used in jewellery and ornaments, it is also an excellent hedging asset. These properties ensure that this precious metal always has high market demand.

However, its prices are relatively unstable. Therefore, you must know the prevailing rates before you purchase or put it up for a gold-backed loan.

Gold Prices in Mangalore for different purity

PurityGold price 1 gramGold price 10 gram

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Gold Prices in Mangalore for the last 7 days

DateGold price 1 gramGold price 10 gram
28 April, 2022₹ 5,400₹ 54,000
27 April, 2022₹ 6,000₹ 60,000
26 April, 2022₹ 6,500₹ 65,000
25 April, 2022₹ 7,000₹ 70,000
24 April, 2022₹ 7,500₹ 75,000
23 April, 2022₹ 6,500₹ 65,000
22 April, 2022₹ 7,500₹ 75,000
Gold Price Calculator in Mangalore

Gold Value :

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Gold Rates in Mangalore for Different Purities

Pure gold, being a relatively soft metal, is not suitable for jewellery making. It is thus alloyed with other metals to impart hardness and other desirable characteristics. This alloying ratio is measured in Karats and determines the value of a piece. Three forms of gold are available for purchase. The 24 Karat form is the purest and most expensive. It makes gold bars and coins. The two other forms are 22 and 18 Karats, both of which make jewellery. Karat value decides the cost of the metal. Therefore, it is vital to know the value of all three forms before buying or collateralising gold.

Gold Prices in Mangalore in the Last Week

Mangalore is a historic port city with a prominent industrial and commercial presence in the Indian economy. It is also an important tourist destination. So naturally, gold's demand is high in this city. This demand fuels the rise in market rates. The cost of gold over the past week is listed in this table.

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Despite frequent fluctuations, market rates of gold have shown a steady rise over time. Furthermore, experts agree that this growth will continue in future. Therefore, your investment will generate maximum returns if you follow this trend and invest at an opportune moment. Gold rates in the last week and month are visually presented in this graph to help you keep track.

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Importance of Checking Gold Rates in Mangalore before Buying

Gold's market price decides two essential points. Firstly, it decides the amount of gold you can purchase. Second, the loan amount you will be eligible for against your jewellery will depend on it. In addition, loan providers usually fix their interest rates based on current prices. Thus, you must be aware of gold’s present rates before you purchase or collateralise it.

Factors Affecting Gold Rates in Mangalore

Several factors affect prices in Mangalore. Knowing these factors may help you decide a good time to buy or collateralise your gold. Some of these factors are:

  • Demand and supply
  • Interest
  • Tax regimes
  • Localised buying trends
  • Government gold reserves
  • Global inflation
  • Currency value

Calculating Gold Price in Mangalore

You can use two methods to calculate your gold’s value:

  1. Given purity in percentage: Value = (purity x weight x rate) / 24
  2. Given purity in karats: Value = (purity x weight x rate) / 100

Use these to find the value of your gold on the Rupeek Gold Loan Calculator.

  • To Know Gold Required for Loan

Step 1: Select the 'Choose required Loan Amount' tab on the gold loan calculator.

Step 2: Enter loan amount required, interest rate, and loan tenure by adjusting given sliders.

The gold loan calculator displays the monthly interest, total interest, and amount of gold required for your loan.

  • To Know the Eligible Loan Amount

Step 1: Go to the gold loan calculator and click the 'Choose Available Gold Weight' tab.

Step 2: Use the sliders to enter your gold amount, purity, interest rate, and tenure.

The gold loan calculator will display the total and monthly interests along with your eligible amount.

Reasons Why Gold Rates Differ across Mangalore and Other Cities

Market rates of gold vary from region to region. Therefore, its rates in Mangalore will be different from those in other states. Reasons for these differences can be:

  • Daily demand
  • Making charges
  • Storage and transportation expenses
  • Tax laws
  • Localised trends

Therefore, it is vital to know gold prices in Mangalore and other cities. Comparing these prices will let you pick a suitable time to buy or an ideal lender to get a gold loan.

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