Gold Price in Odisha today - 28 May

last updated on 28 May 2022


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Indian locales commonly use gold during weddings and auspicious festivals, including residents of Odisha. However, knowing the current gold price in Odisha is vital as this keeps changing due to internal and external market conditions.

Gold Prices in Odisha for different purity

PurityGold price 1 gramGold price 10 gram

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Gold Prices in Odisha for last 7 days

DateGold price 1 gramGold price 10 gram
26 May, 2022₹ 5,400₹ 54,000
25 May, 2022₹ 6,000₹ 60,000
24 May, 2022₹ 6,500₹ 65,000
23 May, 2022₹ 7,000₹ 70,000
22 May, 2022₹ 7,500₹ 75,000
21 May, 2022₹ 6,500₹ 65,000
20 May, 2022₹ 7,500₹ 75,000
Gold Price Calculator in Odisha

Gold Value :

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Gold Rates in Odisha According to Purities (Comparison Table for 18, 22, and 24 Karats)

Individuals can purchase gold ornaments of either of three gold karats available in the jewellery market:

18K – It has a lower gold content than the other two types and is the least expensive.

22K- It contains 91.7% gold and is more pricey than 18 karat but cheaper than 24 karat.

24K- It is the purest gold form with no trace of other metals and is the most expensive karat variety.

To get the optimum returns out of investment in gold or taking a loan against it, check the current gold rates for different purities of Odisha on this page.

Note: The gold rates are updated regularly.

Gold Prices in Odisha for the Last 7 Days

The yellow metal’s rate in Odisha fluctuates, like other states of India, given changes in factors like geopolitical crises, inflation, interest rates, etc. The market rates of this metal in Odisha over the last 7 days are represented in the table below.

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Monthly and Weekly Graph of Gold Rate in Odisha

The price of precious yellow metal is dynamic, making it difficult for individuals to keep track of it. Here’s a graphical illustration revising the weekly and monthly gold rate trends in Odisha so that residents can get an overall idea.

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Check Gold Rates in Odisha before Borrowing a Loan

Aspiring borrowers must check the gold rates on this page before taking a gold-backed loan. This is because the gold price in Odisha today is different from what it was a few months ago. Therefore, checking the current rates is crucial in understanding how much loan amount they qualify to acquire to meet their financial emergencies.

Know about the Factors Affecting Gold Rate in Odisha

Several domestic and global factors affect the price of yellow metal in Odisha, they are as follows:

  • Interest rate
  • Demand and supply
  • Inflation
  • Geopolitical crises
  • State taxes
  • Fluctuations in exchange values of US dollars and Indian rupees
  • Gold reserves of Government
  • Import duty

Methods to Calculate Gold Prices in Odisha

There are two simple methods to compute the value of the yellow metal in Odisha-

  • Percentage Purity Method

Gold’s purity x weight x gold rate/ 24

  • Karat Purity Method

Gold’s purity x weight x gold rate/ 100

Now, use the above value and get results from our gold loan calculator.

This online tool gives an idea about how much loan amount borrowers can get. For instance, if an individual owns 100 grams of gold, it will display the eligible loan amount against it after entering a few details. Similarly, it also shows how much gold is required to get a loan in just a few clicks.

So follow this step-wise guide to use this calculator without any hassle:

To Know the Loan Amount

Step 1: Select ‘Choose available Gold Weight’.

Step 2: Submit gold’s weight, purity, along with a reasonable interest rate and tenure.

Besides displaying loan amount borrowers can get against pledging gold as collateral, users can also see monthly and total interest payables towards that loan.

To Know the Gold Required

Step 1: Click on ‘Choose required Loan Amount’

Step 2: Provide the required loan amount, interest rate and repayment tenure.

Apart from getting information on gold required to secure a loan, users can view total and monthly interest payments.

Reasons for Different Gold Rate in Odisha from the Other States

Making charges on jewellery, transportation costs, and state taxes are a few factors that make the price of yellow metal in Odisha different from other states.

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