Loan Against Property in Kanchipuram

Loan Against Property in Kanchipuram

The temple city of Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram is one of the oldest cities of southern India. Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Sri Kanchi Kamakshi Amma Temple and several others are some of its noteworthy places to visit. 

This pilgrim’s paradise is also known for its traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees. Thus, the saree weaving sector is a major contributor to the state’s economy besides its agro-based industries. People here with agricultural land or houses can utilise the asset to tide over cash crunches by opting for a loan against property in Kanchipuram.

Nevertheless, like other secured loans, LAP also has some exclusive features that you need to know before opting for one. 

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Specifications Of A Loan Against Property

Following are some of the features of a LAP in Kanchipuram. 

  • Loan against residential property in Kanchipuram is a secured credit without any restriction on end-usage. 
  • The loan amount is considerably higher than that of an unsecured loan. 
  • The loan against property value ranges between 40% and 75%. However, it primarily depends on the type of property occupancy. 
  • Lenders check factors like age, earning level, income source and stability, credit score and history to determine a person’s instant mortgage loan eligibility. These factors can vary, and individuals should check them when searching for ‘LAP providers near me’.
  • Loan approval and disbursal of this loan generally take at least 4 – 5 working days. 

Nevertheless, since the property is involved, the documentation is tedious and also the risk of loss of asset is higher than other secured credit options like a gold loan. 

Therefore, you can consider a gold loan as an alternative to a loan against property. It offers nearly all the benefits of a loan against property, like low interest rates and high loan value, besides added advantages like quick processing, minimal eligibility and documentation.

In this regard, Rupeek is a reliable name that offers a gold loan that combines all the benefits of a mortgage loan along with its own exclusive facilities. For instance, the interest rate of Rupeek gold loan starts from 0.49% per month. 

Besides, it also offers a gamut of benefits that you should consider before settling for a loan against property. 

What Makes Rupeek Gold Loan A Better Alternative?

Following are some of the features that make Rupeek gold loan, one of the most sought-after borrowing solution. 

  • Improved Gold Security 

We take utmost care when it comes to the security aspect of the pledged gold. The loan manager collects the gold from you and then deposits it to nearest bank’s vault while carrying them in GPS-installed bag. You are notified as soon as the gold is deposited. Moreover, the gold also enjoys complimentary insurance throughout the tenure. 

  • Sizeable Amount 

If you have sufficient gold, you can get up to Rs.1.5 crores hassle-freely. Since we offer an LTV of up to 80%, higher than a loan against property Kanchipuram, you can get the highest per gram value of gold. 

Furthermore, you also can check how much loan amount you are eligible for by using our gold loan calculator. All you have to do is enter the specification of each gold article that you want to pledge, and the result will appear instantly. 

  • Repayment Flexibility 

Unlike a loan against land Kanchipuram, here you have repayment schemes that will fit your financial capacity. Apart from with EMIs, you can also choose a flexible option that allows either to repay the amount as and when you can or pay-off the entire amount via a single bullet payment system. 

  • Prompt Loan Processing 

As soon as we get a Rupeek gold loan request, our loan manager reaches the residence of the borrower in 30 minutes after the appointment is fixed. Then the consecutive steps like a gold appraisal, KYC verification take minimal time, and the disbursal of the loan also takes little time to finish. 

Hence, with Rupeek, you can get an instant online gold loan at your doorstep through some easy steps. 

  • Overdraft Facility 

We at Rupeek extend an exclusive facility to our existing borrowers called Rupeek Quick. It lets them raise funds on top of the principal loan by pledging additional gold. After the gold evaluation, we disburse the loan amount directly to your wallet. This facility is immensely beneficial during emergencies. 

Moreover, we levy interest only on the amount utilised from the fund so that you can save substantially on interest payment

We also have a strong presence in more than 500 locations across India, including Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. For your convenience, you can refer to the below-mentioned list of places. 

Rupeek’s Service Locations In Kanchipuram

Following are the places in Kanchipuram where we are currently extending our doorstep services. 

  • Walajabad
  • Sunguvarchatram
  • Sriperumbudur
  • Ayyampettai
  • Uttiramerur
  • Irungattukottai
  • Pannur
  • Palayaseevaram
  • Ambattur
  • Chromepet
  • Medavakkam
  • Tambaram
  • Madipakkam
  • Enathur

Therefore, since getting a loan without ITR and income proof in Kanchipuram is quite tricky, you can settle for a Rupeek gold loan that does not require any of these documents. Hence, irrespective your type of employment or monthly income, you are eligible for a substantial amount as long you have enough gold in possession. 

Apply today for a Rupeek gold loan and make the most the gold equity!

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What kind of residential property is accepted for a loan against property?

Generally, to obtain a loan against property, one must collateralise a self-owned residential property, self-owned as well as self-occupied property, or self-owned but rented residential property. 

  1. What are the things to consider before applying for a gold loan?

Before applying for a gold loan, individuals need to consider the LTV, interest rate, repayment schemes, tenure, processing time, etc. They can also choose a lender carefully before opting for one to get the best deals. 

  1. Does Rupeek have any lock-in period?

No, Rupeek does not have any lock-in period. 

  1. On what basis Rupeek provides rebates?

We offer rebates on regular repayment of a gold loan. You will get a high rebate if you repay more frequently. 

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