Loan Against Property in Kanyakumari

Loan Against Property in Kanyakumari

The southernmost tip of India, Kanyakumari is adorned with gorgeous beaches, red cliffs, and scenic beauty. Home to renowned spots like Vivekanda Rock and Thiruvalluvar statue, the city is frequented by tourists all round the year.

Apart from tourism, Kanyakumari’s economy is strengthened by transportation service, agriculture, trade and more. Individuals looking to address hefty financial obligations can turn to a loan against property in Kanyakumari.

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What Makes Loan Against Open Plot In Kanyakumari Preferable?

It lets individuals leverage their property’s value, which is helpful when in need of substantial funds. Ideally, potential borrowers can collateralise two forms of properties –

  • Commercial
  • Residential

The features that make a loan against property in Kanyakumari preferable among borrowers are –

  • Interest rates on loan against property are relatively lower than that of unsecured loans.
  • There’s no limitation on how a borrower can use a loan against commercial property in Kanyakumari can.
  • The repayment period can extend up to 20 years.
  • Prospective borrowers can access loan against property calculator to have an understanding of the amount they can get.

Individuals looking for ‘loan against property providers near me’ to meet hefty expenditures like medical expenses, marriage costs, or buying assets can benefit from these features greatly. Though the loan is flexible in some respects, the lengthy documentation and processing time make it ill-fitted for emergencies.

When facing this issue, a potential borrower can opt for a gold loan instead of a quick loan against property Kanyakumari. A gold loan comes with similar benefits but without the extensive documentation process or lengthy processing.

People interested in maximising their utility out of a loan can consider choosing Rupeek. We bring several customer-friendly benefits to ensure optimum convenience for borrowers.

Rupeek - Your Trustworthy Gold Loan Lender

Take a look at some of the top benefits borrowers can enjoy with us –

  • Doorstep Service

Want a gold loan without leaving your premises? Just make an application with us, and our loan executive will reach you within minutes to complete the KYC verification and loan disbursal process.

  • Instant Loan Transfer

Transfer your existing loan to us and save up to RS.123777/lakh on repayments. Our loan transfer option is straightforward with minimum frills.

  • Hassle-free Repayment

Our interest rates start at just 0.49% per month. Plus, borrowers enjoy the flexibility of choosing how they want to repay the loan and our several schemes.

  • Credit Line Against Gold

Avail a credit line by pledging additional gold on top of your existing loan. Access funds round the clock from the sanctioned limit and save on interest sizeably with this overdraft facility.

  • Safety Of Gold

Worrying about the safety of your gold assets pledged to Rupeek? We take utmost care in delivering your gold assets to the high-grade vaults. We place your belongings in a GPS traceable bag and offer additional insurance on the same.

These features have made our gold loan one of the most preferred financing solutions in Kanyakumari. We are doing our best to reach our services to your premises without hassle.

Localities In Kanyakumari Where Rupeek Extends Its Service

To simplify your gold loan endeavour, we extend our customised services to the below-mentioned localities.

  • Nagercoil
  • Marthandam
  • Thuckalay
  • Colachel
  • Kulasekharam
  • Kuzhithurai
  • Pudukadai
  • Tiruvattar
  • Arumanai
  • Manavalakurichi
  • Thengapattanam

Opting for a loan against property in Kanyakumari during an emergency financial crunch may not be the wisest decision. Individuals can consider our gold loan to deal with emergencies and save on both time and hassle.

So, choose the right collateral and enjoy the power of spending!

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the gold items accepted by Rupeek for a loan?

Rupeek ideally accepts gold jewellery weighing at least 18 carats. Stones or added embellishment are subtracted while weighing. We don’t accept gold coins and bars as collateral.

  1. How long does approval of loan against property take?

The sanctioning of loan against property in Kanyakumari takes place within seven working days. But this factor can differ according to the lender and their policy.

  1. Can you tell how to extend gold loan repayment tenure?

You can repledge your gold ornaments to prolong the tenure. Rupeek has a specialised cell for that purpose. You can find the details of contacting our executive on our official site.

  1. Does Rupeek insure my pledged gold jewellery?

Yes, your jewellery is insured against losses arising due to theft or accident. The insurance policy remains in effect for the entire tenure.

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