Loan Against Property in Noida

Loan Against Property in Noida

Ranked as the best city in Uttar Pradesh, Noida hosts several renowned IT firms and start-ups. The city has emerged as a preeminent commercial hub over the past decade as part of the Delhi-NCR region. Consequently, real estate prices in Noida has skyrocketed.

Individuals who own real estate here can opt for a loan against property in Noida to meet unprecedented and large-scale financial concerns. They can use the fund for covering wedding and honeymoon expenses, consolidating existing debts, etc. easily with this secured financing option.

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What Are The Features Of A Loan Against Property?

It’s a financing option that both self-employed and salaried individuals can avail by collateralising their owned residential and/or commercial property.

An instant mortgage loan Noida aids borrowers to plan expensive spending like marriage, business expansion, children’s education and more.

Listed below are some of the benefits of loan against property Noida that makes it worth the hype.

  • Loan Amount- The best feature about loan against residential property in Noida is the substantial fund sanctioned. A borrower can plan his/her business endeavours or lucrative investments without hassle.
  • Interest Rate – Exceedingly eligible candidates can enjoy loan against property lowest interest rate, ranging between 9% - 11%. It’s wise to check the range of interest rate any lending institution charges when scouring the web for ‘loan against property providers near me’.
  • Retirement Expenses- Aged individuals can avail a loan against property senior citizen to utilise the amount for medical expenses or day-to-day costs of living. The no-restriction usage option makes it a better loan variant than a stringent unsecured loan option.
  • Tenure – The repayment term can extend up to 20 years or even higher. Hence, individuals can repay big-ticket loans conveniently. However, opting for a long tenure like that also means higher interest payable. Applicants can use a loan against property calculator to ease decision-making.

These features are perfect for an individual who doesn’t require quick loan against property Noida as the time for processing and approval can stretch up to several days.

In case of emergency fund requirement, this loan against property takeover can be troublesome due to its documentation stringency. A borrower won’t be able to apply for a loan against property without income proof.

Apart from these issues, there are chances of receiving an unfavourable loan against property value due to its location or property age. In this regard, a gold loan may work as a compelling, secured loan alternative. 

Gold Loan – The Best Monetary Source

A gold loan is better alternative due to the borrower-friendly benefits it offers. Some of which are –

  • Quick disbursal
  • Less documentation
  • No need for ITR or income proof
  • High loan value
  • Lower interest rate compared to other loan variants
  • Short tenure
  • No requirement of CIBIL score, etc.

These features substantiate the gold loan as a better alternative against a lengthy loan against property in Noida. What’s more, borrowers can multiply their gold loan benefits manifold by opting for our financial services.

Rupeek – The Ideal Solution To Your Emergency Fund

Some of the top perks that customers can enjoy with us are –

  • Doorstep Loan

Get a loan up to Rs. 1.5 crores in Noida from your home’s comfort. Apply via our app or website, and our representative will contact you to schedule KYC verification and appraisal of gold. Borrowers receive their funds instantly before the representative departs with the gold ornaments.

  • Hassle-free Balance Transfer

Borrowers can easily transfer their current gold loan to us. After they apply for a loan transfer, borrowers need to submit their existing pledge card with Rupeek. One can save up to Rs.12377/lakh by transferring their gold loan to us.

  • Optimum Security on Gold Assets

Apart from the mentioned features, we offer door-to-door gold insurance to borrowers. Thus, they need not worry about losses arising out of theft and accident. Plus, we keep the gold assets under 24x7 surveillance for the entire tenure in a bank vault.

  • Multiple Repayment Schemes

Rupeek features multiple repayment schemes. They can be broadly categorised into two types –

  • You get the choice to repay loans monthly.
  • You can clear the outstanding amount in any way you want within the tenure.

Thus, you get the utmost flexibility to choose how you repay and manage your finances efficiently.

Besides, individuals who avail a gold loan from us can also enjoy an overdraft facility by pledging additional gold.

What Is Rupeek’s Overdraft Feature?

This allows borrowers to avail fund on top of their existing Rupeek gold loan by submitting some supplementary gold. This feature can be checked under Rupeek Quick section.

A couple of its features are –

  • Avail funds whenever you want from the sanctioned limit, either by transferring it to your account or directly via the app.
  • Interest is accrued only on the amount you use.

These features can be availed from your comfort spot without even visiting the financial institution.

Where Does Rupeek Offer Services In Noida?

We cater these customised gold loan services to all the top localities in Noida. Check the list below.

  • Sec 16 Noida
  • Dadri
  • Greater Noida
  • Sector 125 Noida
  • Maharshi Nagar
  • Sec 12 Noida
  • Gurjinder Vihar
  • Sec 128 Noida
  • Sector 30 Noida
  • Sec 27 Noida
  • Rabupura
  • Sec 122 Noida
  • Phase-II
  • Sec34 Noida

During a crisis, you may not have enough time to decide on the best form of collateral. Loan against property in Noida may seem accessible, but the lengthy documentation and disbursal may become a hassle.

When facing such issues, opting for a gold loan from Rupeek may be a wise choice. It not only brings all the benefits of a LAP but also ensures instant disbursal and nominal documentation.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Does Rupeek follow certified gold loan procedure?

Yes, Rupeek follows ISO 9011:2015 certified process when extending a gold loan.

  1. What are the property types accepted as collateral in LAP?

Ideally, two types of property are accepted as collateral against LAP. They are commercial or industrial property and residential property.

  1. What is the minimum loan amount offered by Rupeek?

Borrowers can get a loan as low as Rs. 15000 from Rupeek. The maximum range is Rs. 1.5 crores.

  1. Can I submit gold coins to get a loan from Rupeek?

Rupeek accepts only gold jewellery carrying a purity of 18 carats or more. We don’t accept gold coins and gold bars.

  1. Do I get any benefit from referring Rupeek to family and friends?

By sharing your referral code, you can enjoy a month free of interest charge. To avail this benefit, you first need to download Rupeek’s app and select the refer and earn option.

If your friend redirects to Rupeek from the referral code and avails a loan of at least Rs. 50,000 from us, then both you and your friend’s interest for a month will be free.

  1. Whom should I contact if there is a discrepancy in my returned gold from Rupeek?

We have a grievance cell specifically designed for such issues. Give us a call at 08068187599 or email at for further assistance.

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