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Loan Against Property in North 24 Parganas
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Loan Against Property in North 24 Parganas

Located in the southern part of West Bengal, North 24 Parganas is a popular district in Eastern India. The most crowded region of WB acquires most of its revenue from fishing, farming, and other agricultural activities. However, over the years this district has also acquired technological developments and become a major IT hub of West Bengal. 

With several multinational companies and some famous tourist spots, North 24 Parganas can be considered an ideal place for investments and business expansions. Despite the economic growth and major developments, individuals often struggle to keep up with the increasing expenses. Thereupon a loan against property in North 24 Parganas comes into the picture, which is relatively a secure option for borrowers.

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Features Of A Loan Against Property North 24 Parganas

As its name suggests, a loan against property involves pledging a house, commercial space, or open plot.

Following are some features of a home mortgage loan North 24 Parganas:

  • Sizeable Loan Amount: Since you are pledging your property as collateral, it inevitably provides you with a high loan amount that you can use to fulfil financial requirements.
  • Moderate Interest Rates: Due to its secured nature, interest rates are not over the top. However, the rate of interest depends on the lending institution as well. 
  • Lengthy Documentation Process: Even after being a secured option, it involves submitting too many supporting documents such as ownership documents, income proof, etc. Thus, the process gets elongated and availing a mortgage loan without ITR and income proof in North 24 parganas is impossible. 
  • Loan Repayment Tenure:The repayment tenure for a loan against property gets dragged out since it involves obtaining a large amount. Therefore, it becomes challenging to manage EMIs for such a long period. 
  • Late Disbursal:Due to the excessive document requirements, the loan sanctioning and disbursal process gets delayed as well, which makes it an unreliable option for emergencies. 

While some of these features seem beneficial, the prolonged documentation procedure can prove cumbersome. Hence, searching for ‘LAP provider near me’ may not be wise during emergencies.

During such situations, our gold loan comes as a better alternative, which offers better features and hassle-free procedures. 

Benefits Borrowers Can Get From Rupeek’s Gold Loans

Both gold and properties are valuable assets that can support a person during any sort of financial crisis. However, the shortcomings of a loan against residential property in North 24 Parganas make it less dependable. While on the other hand, a gold loan comes with some compelling benefits and hassle-free procedures. 

And, following are some beneficial features of Rupeek that help the borrowers find immediate funding solutions:

  • With our doorstep services, borrowers can avoid the tedious manual process and get the loan sanctioned from the comfort of their home. Upon receiving the application, our loan manager visits the borrower’s residence to complete the entire process, ensuring prompt loan transfer.
  • We offer the highest loan-to-value ratio in order to support our customers during a financial crisis. Individuals can obtain up to 80% of the value against the gold jewels. Our gold loan calculatoris also available so that applicants can check the approximate value they will get by pledging collateral. 
  • With multiple loan schemesand the lowest interest rate that starts from 0.49% per month, borrowers can easily maintain their regular expenses and avoid immoderate loan against property interest rates in North 24 Parganas

The loan tenure is flexible and compact, which allows the borrowers to get rid of their financial burden within a short time. 

  • Rupeek also has a gold loan overdraft facility called Rupeek Quick, allowing borrowers to withdraw funds as per their requirements. At the same time, the interest gets imposed on the used sum only, not the total sanctioned amount. 

Apart from this unique set of features, Rupeek saves customers from exhausting documentation procedure and offers prompt loan disbursal. 

Our Services Locations In North 24 Parganas

Our purpose is to make our services available to the maximum number of people in the country, which is why our app and online portal are there to solve any query. Following are the places in North 24 Parganas where you can avail our doorstep services:

  • New Barrackpur
  • Baranagar
  • Barasat
  • Barrackpur
  • Dum Dum
  • Bidhannagar
  • Kamarhati
  • South Dum Dum
  • Madhyamgram
  • North Dum Dum
  • North Barrackpur
  • Naihati
  • Rajarhat-Gopalpur
  • Titagarh
  • Kanchrapara

Thus, instead of searching for ‘loan against property provider North 24 Parganas, opt for a gold loan with Rupeek to get yourself the best deal!

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What are the documents that I need to submit?

In order to avail a gold loan from Rupeek, you need to keep KYC documents like a driver’s license, Aadhar card, voter ID, PAN Card, or passport ready with you. Also, a utility bill or lease agreement will be required along with these. 

  1. Does the gold loan interest rate depend on the lender?

Yes, the gold loan interest rate is set by the lender, and that is why it varies from one lending institution to another. In order to get a clear idea about your gold loan interest rate, you can directly contact the lender and understand the schemes as well. 

  1. Can I avail a gold loan from Rupeek to pay for my child’s education?

Yes, the restriction-free usage feature allows our customers to use the fund for any personal reason, including your child’s education. 

  1. Can I partially repay the gold loan amount?

Yes, you can choose the partial repayment option. In the case of partial repayment, the amount can range anything between the monthly interest and any amount less than the full-closure amount.

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