Loan Against Property in Vadodara

Loan Against Property in Vadodara

Vadodara is one of the largest cities in the state of Gujarat. It also has two nicknames, namely Sanskari Nagari and Kala Nagari – the city of culture and city of art, respectively. The city is known for Laxmi Vilas Palace that belongs to its Maratha royalties, the Gaekwads. Formerly known as Baroda, it is also home to the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda.

Currently, it is home to several large-scale industries like Linde Engineering India, Indian Oil Corporation, Reliance Industries Limited, etc. besides headquartering Bank of Baroda. To keep up with a competition of that scale and deliver quality service and products, businesspersons can avail a loan against property in Vadodara. Salaried individuals can also avail a LAP to meet big-ticket expenses.

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Why Apply For A LAP?

This is a secured credit product that ensures high loan amounts as properties are usually of considerable value. The following are some of its attributes:

  • Lengthy Tenure

The repayment tenure of a loan against property is typically prolonged. Borrowers can comfortably repay a high-value loan for a period as long as 20 years. But, payable interest can be exceedingly high if that’s the case. One can use a mortgage loan calculator to find out the precise amount.

  • Slow Approval

Approval of a loan against property can take up to 4 – 5 working days. The lengthy process is because of the property’s appraisal and determination of the property’s resale probabilities.

  • Low Interest Rate

Because a loan against property is a low-risk financing product, lenders charge lower rates of interest. Highly eligible candidates can get a loan against property lowest interest rate as low as 9% p.a.

  • Complicated Documentation

While availing a loan against property, the borrower needs to provide all the papers related to its ownership. Individuals need to submit their income proof as well, besides ID and address proof. It can be overwhelming to produce all these documents during an emergency.

Therefore, while the attributes mentioned above can be a boon to some, it is not great for individuals who are looking for a quick loan against property Vadodara. So, searching “instant loan against property lender near me” will lead one nowhere. Instead, look for a better-secured option that is both fast and short term like a gold loan.

What Makes Gold Loan Better?

Gold is an idle asset that does not create much difference in your day-to-day endeavours. Moreover, it can be easily liquidated, so even lenders prefer it over other types of assets.

As it is a highly precious metal, one can get a substantially high amount against gold as well. Moreover, calculating its value is significantly simple, making approval time extremely less. It is a secured credit product like loan against land Vadodara but provides considerably better advantages. Besides, if you want to ensure more added benefits, apply for a gold loan from us.

What Benefits Does Rupeek Offer?

We have set our services to make sure all your needs are met without creating any further issues for you. When you opt for our gold-backed credit product you get:

  • Simple Documentation

Our customers can avail our loan facility by just providing their KYC documents and address proof. We offer loan without ITR and income proof in Vadodara to ensure that every individual can get their required funds.

  • Overdraft Facility for Convenience

Avail an extended credit line and withdraw money from your approved amount whenever you want. You can do that by opting for our overdraft facility called Rupeek Quick. Its best feature is that you only need to pay interest for the amount you have used.

  • 30 Minutes Approval

While gold loan approvals are already faster than a loan against property, we have taken it a step further. Now get your loan approved within 30 minutes with our credit product.

  • Helpful Repayment Options

We offer two types of repayment schemes for our customers to choose from according to their convenience. They can either repay with EMIs or pay it however they want within the loan tenure, such as single bullet payment or interest pre-payment.

We have taken comfort and convenience to another level by providing doorstep loan facility. Once you have applied for a loan from us, our representative will visit your place, do all the needed procedures and sanction your loan. We have successfully provided our services to over 2,500 people across the country and have operations in Vadodara as well.

Where To Find Us In Vadodara?

We have been extensively trying to reach as many houses in Vadodara as possible. Currently, we have our operations located in the following places:

  • Por
  • Manjalpur
  • Bajwa
  • Akota
  • Padra
  • Waghodia Road
  • Bodeli
  • Makarpura
  • Karelibaug
  • Dabhoi
  • Manjusar
  • Alkapuri
  • Navlakhi
  • Khanderao Market
  • Savli
  • Ajwa Road

If you are not ready to commit almost two decades to a loan’s repayment, it may be wise not to opt for a loan against property in Vadodara. Besides, the lengthy borrowing process makes this financing facility ill-suited for emergencies. So, avail our instant gold loan and manage your expenses efficiently and quickly.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is the range of loan amount one can avail from Rupeek?

Our offered loan amount ranges from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 1.5 crores, depending on the pledged gold and customer’s requirement.

  1. What is the highest LTV offered by Rupeek?

Rupeek offers a loan-to-value ratio or LTV as high as 80% to our customers on their pledged gold. This way, we ensure that our customers can avail the most out of their idle assets.

  1. What is the lowest interest rate provided by Rupeek?

The lowest interest rate we levy is 0.49% per month. This factor depends on the scheme one chooses.

  1. How much loan can I avail against commercial property in Baroda?

The loan amount you can get against a commercial property depends on the property’s value and applicable LTV. If the premises are in a prominent location and your property is new, the amount you will be eligible for is substantial. A loan against property of that sort can go up to as high as Rs. 10 crores. 

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