Payday Loan in Ludhiana

Payday Loan in Ludhiana

Punjab’s largest city, Ludhiana, is an important industrial centre. Garment and auto-parts manufacturing are vital sectors in its economy alongside agriculture. It’s also renowned for the Lodhi Fort, reminiscent of the Lodhi Dynasty.

Technological developments in Ludhiana’s financial system have also ushered in several positive changes for the population over recent years. One such development is the availability of online facilities like a payday loan in Ludhiana.

Payday Loan In Ludhiana – What Is Its Function?

A payday loan same day in Ludhiana is a short-term credit variant catering exclusively to salaried individuals. Ideally, it’s meant to cover a cash shortfall one faces between one payday and another; thus, the name.

Some of the features of this emergency same day loan are –

  • Fast Approval – A borrower can access emergency cash immediately with this option. Approval and disbursal takes an hour or so.
  • No Collateral – One can avail this option without submitting any asset for security.
  • Loan Quantum – The loan amount can range from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1 lakh, depending on the lending company and the applicant’s monthly income.
  • No Hassle Of Credit Score – Approval of this loan isn’t based on a person’s credit score or report.
  • Online Application- Borrowers can access this credit line via the payday loan online application option on such a company's dedicated app.
  • Interest Rates – The interest is calculated daily. The rate ranges between 0.5% - 2% per day and can go even higher.
  • Tenure – Individuals must repay this loan at once when their next paycheque arrives.

Such substantial interest charged on this advance salary Ludhiana option can saddle an individual’s finances. Moreover, the short tenure can increase the risk of debts for a spendthrift borrower.

Choosing a gold loan may be wiser to cover cash shortfalls instead of searching for ‘payday loan near me’. It lowers a person’s debt burden while ensuring they can meet their expenses.

Moreover, with Rupeek, individuals can ensure minimal interest payment and instant financing at their doorstep.

Rupeek’s Gold Loan In Ludhiana - Benefits

Some of the features that make us more trustworthy are –

  • Substantial Fund – A borrower can receive up to Rs. 1.5 crores against their gold assets from Rupeek. They can use these gold-backed cash loans online to tide over all sorts of financial obligations.
  • No Scope Of Confusion – We offer you an online gold loan calculator for 100% transparency.
  • Nominal Interest Rates – The interest rate levied on a gold loan is way cheaper than a payday loan. Via Rupeek, you can find an affordable scheme that starts at 0.49% per month.
  • Flexible Repayment Ways – Enjoy hassle-free repayment with Rupeek. Our options allow individuals to pay in easy EMIs or any way they want during the tenure.

Not only these features, but a Rupeek customer also gets the privilege of certain tailored services. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Doorstep Loan

Enjoy loan at your doorstep in 30 minutes from Rupeek. Register with your number on our website, and we will get in touch with you within minutes. All formalities will take place at your home, and you can get funds instantly in 30 minutes.

  • Incomparable Gold Security 

We follow optimal security measures to keep the pledged gold items safe and you tension-free. The protocols we follow include –

  • Your gold assets are carried to a bank vault in a GPS-enabled bag so you can track it in real time.
  • We also offer complimentary gold insurance policy to protect you against losses due to mishaps like theft or damage of ornaments.
  • The gold articles are kept in state-of-the-art vaults that are under 24x7 surveillance.
  • Rupeek’s Gold Credit Line Facility

With our overdraft against a gold facility, Rupeek Quick, forget the hassle of applying for a new payday loan in Ludhiana every time you need funds. Existing customers can pledge extra gold to secure a credit line, granting access to a ready source of funds round the clock. You only need to pay interest for what you use from the sanctioned limit, thus, ensuring additional savings.

Rupeek’s Doorstep Services In Ludhiana – Locality List

You can look for a Rupeek gold loan in the following regions of Ludhiana. 

  • Shimlapuri
  • Brown Road
  • Shivpuri
  • Gill Road
  • Model Town
  • Ferozpur Road
  • Basti Jodhewal
  • Focal Point
  • Dhandari Kalan
  • Moti Nagar
  • Mundian Kalan
  • Basant Avenue
  • Sarabha Nagar

Although a payday loan in Ludhiana may seem convenient at first, its high interest and hidden charges can burden one’s disposable income significantly.

A gold loan from Rupeek may be more potent during a financial crunch. The low-interest rates, customised features, multiple payment options make our services suitable for all financial needs.

Ensure an informed choice before you fill out a payday loan application form.

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Benefits of Gold Loan over Payday Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Payday Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. How long to wait before taking a second payday loan?

You can avail a second payday immediately after clearing the balance of the previous loan. Two loans can be availed from two companies simultaneously as well. But, be sure of all charges and its implication on your income.

  1. How much gold loan can I get from Rupeek?

The loan amount ranges from Rs. 15000 to Rs. 1.5 crores.

  1. Can a photographer take a payday loan?

Full-time photographers who work with an organisation and receive monthly salary can get a payday loan.

  1. What are the purposes of gold loan from Rupeek?

You can use the loan for any big scale expenses or maintaining liquidity. There Are no end-use restrictions from Rupeek’s side.

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