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Delhi is regarded as one of the most productive metro cities of India, justifiably for its contribution of 4.20% GDP to the nation’s economy, according to a statement by Delhi’s Finance Minister published in Hindustan Times. He further added that the per capita income of Delhi during 2019-20 was Rs.389,143, which is approximately three times the national average. 

Primarily, the location, connectivity and other favourable socio-economic advances can be attributed as major drivers of this growth. This has also prompted the demand for personal loans in Delhi NCR significantly. Trends show that individuals in Delhi are increasingly depending on “consumer durable loans” and small-ticket advances rather than exhausting their savings. Delhites are now more cognisant of how credit options like a personal loan help them mitigate various financial obligations more efficiently.

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Purposes of a Personal Loan

Borrowers can utilise a personal loan in Delhi for the following reasons –

  • Addressing Medical Expenses

Scores of people opt for an instant personal loan in Delhi to defray expensive medical bills. Several medical treatments require a substantial fund that may burn through one’s savings. In such cases, a personal loan can prove to be beneficial. 

  • Consolidating Multiple Debts 

Managing multiple debts at a time often seems difficult, and ultimately that can lead one to debt traps. To avoid that, individuals can opt for an online personal loan and club several debts into one.

  • Financing Miscellaneous Expenses

Since there is no end-use restriction for a personal loan in Delhi NCR, individuals can avail this loan to mitigate various financial requirements. For instance, using credit, people can finance their education, plan for luxury international travel or manage wedding expenses. 

Nevertheless, while a personal loan is multipurpose, getting one often becomes challenging as people need to go through stringent eligibility checks to qualify for the same. In regard to that, applicants need to furnish several documents.

Following is a documents checklist that one must submit to avail this financing facility. 



ID Proof

Aadhaar Card, Voter ID, Driving Licence, PAN Card.

Address Proof

Ration Card, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bills

Financial Documents

For Salaried Individuals

● Bank account details of the last 6 months.

● Salary slip of last 3 months

● Employee ID card

● ITR documents

For Self-Employed Individuals

● Proof of business ownership

● The balance sheet of the previous year (audited by CA)

● Company’s bank account details of last 6 months

● Proof of business vintage

The eligibility criteria and list of documents required can vary across financial institutions. Thus, it’s imperative to check these details thoroughly while searching for “personal loan lenders near me”.

Since a personal loan is traditionally unsecured, one shall also inquire about the applicable interest rate, which differs based on a person’s eligibility. Generally, interest rates for such loans tend to be high, ranging up to 24% p.a., owing to the risk lenders assume in sanctioning it.

Servicing a loan at such a rate can bear down one’s savings, especially if the tenure is long. In that case, it may be wise to look for more affordable and borrower-friendly financing options, like a gold loan offered by Rupeek.

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Why is a Rupeek Gold Loan Better?

We offer gold loan schemes that are one of the best in this loan segment. Following are some of the benefits discussed in detail.

  1. High Loan Value 

Borrowers can avail a substantial loan amount against their pledged gold items with us at Rupeek. Owing to a high LTV of 80%, people can utilise their gold’s equity optimally. 

Prospective borrowers can make use of our Rupeek gold loan calculator online to estimate how much gold they need to pledge for availing the desired loan amount.

  1. Competitive Interest Rates 

Rupeek gold loan interest rate starts from as low as 0.49% per month. Hence, the affordability of this loan is unquestionable, and it also facilitates a smooth repayment.

  1. Easy Repayment Options 

Rupeek gold loan borrowers have the liberty to choose a repayment option based on their financial competence. They can repay the outstanding loan amount whenever they can within the tenure or opt for regular monthly EMIs. Alternatively, they can also repay the whole amount in one go via our bullet payment option.

  1. Savings Through Loan Transfer 

Individuals stuck with a high-interest gold loan can opt for our loan transfer facility. Consequently, they can save up to Rs.12,377/ lakh on interest.

  1. Doorstep Services 

Delhites can now avail a loan from the comfort of their home. Starting from the appraisal of the pledged gold ornaments and KYC verification to loan disbursal, everything takes place in the borrower’s residence. 

  1. Minimal Documentation 

You can avail an instant online gold loan at your doorstep by submitting only necessary KYC documents and utility bills/rental agreement. This speeds up the loan disbursal process, allowing individuals to meet financial emergencies timely.

  1. Gold Credit Line Facility 

On top of that, Rupeek also offers a unique facility called Rupeek Quick. It allows current Rupeek customers to opt for an extended credit line by pledging additional gold items. Since the credit is sanctioned on top of an existing loan, people do not need to submit any document. 

What’s more, interest will be charged only on the amount utilised or withdrawn. Hence, with this gold loan facility, individuals can also save a substantial amount on interest payment

Besides these benefits, individuals can avail our services much faster than other personal loan facilities in Delhi, thanks to our presence across all its major locations.

Location List for Rupeek Delhi

We are currently offering our services in and around the following locations and sub-locations in Delhi. 

  1. Maidan Garhi
  2. Moti Bagh
  3. Justice SB Marg
  4. Tilak Marg
  5. Chandni Chowk
  6. JNU ring road
  7. Connaught Place
  8. Karol Bagh
  9. Sansad Marg
  10. Nehru place
  11. Hauz Khas
  12. Anand Vihar
  13. Pusa
  14. Pragati maidan
  15. Najafgarh

Our Delhi-wide presence allows our representatives to reach an applicant’s place within just 30 minutes, which further cuts short the hassles of a personal loan apply.

Ultimately, a Rupeek gold loan not only proves to be an excellent alternative to a personal loan in Delhi but also seems better than that in many aspects. Thus with access to this financing facility, you can bolster your financial position with ease. 

Request for a Rupeek gold loan now and make the most of your gold’s equity!

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Frequently asked questions

1. How can I get a personal loan of Rs.1 lakh in Delhi?

In order to get a personal loan of Rs.1 lakh, first, you have to fulfil specific lender-specific eligibility criteria and provide necessary documents. Alternatively, you can also settle for a Rupeek gold loan by satisfying KYC formalities. 

2. How to avail a Rupeek gold loan for personal finance?

After you apply for a gold loan at our online portal, a loan manager will contact you before visiting your home or office. Provide the gold items you intend to pledge to the representative. Also, keep your KYC documents and an address proof ready. You will receive the funds within minutes after completion of the due formalities.

3. Does Rupeek accept gold bars and coins?

No, Rupeek only accepts gold jewellery of purity level 18 carats and above right now. 

4. Can I part release the gold items pledged for a personal loan?

Yes, you can part release your gold jewellery by repaying the equivalent amount. The weight of gold items you are planning to release needs to be at least 10 grams.

6. How can I edit my contact details in Rupeek account during an active tenure?

If you have to make any changes in your contact details, contact our support team. They will help you to make the changes accordingly. 

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