Personal Loan in Ghaziabad

As part of the National Capital Region or NCR, Ghaziabad has witnessed a massive economic boom in recent years. The establishment of large-scale manufacturing units, warehouses, and its growing real estate sector has contributed heavily to the rise of Ghaziabad’s economy. 

The employment opportunities in Ghaziabad and its proximity to New Delhi attract scores of individuals from all around the country, which ultimately contributes to its rising cost of living. Resultantly, it leads to a lower disposable income of individuals, necessitating them to avail a personal loan for mitigating their financial obligations.

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Features of a Personal Loan

A personal loan in Ghaziabad comes equipped with the following features:

  1. No Restriction on Usage

A personal loan allows borrowers to meet any financial requirement that they may have, owing to its no end-use restriction feature. Borrowers can consolidate their multiple debts, mitigate medical emergencies, or renovate their homes.

  1. Collateral-Free

Availing a personal loan does not require submission of any collateral. Borrowers need to meet the eligibility requirements of the lender to avail the necessary funds.

  1. Interest Rates

Lenders charge a high personal loan interest rate, usually ranging from 11% to 36%, based on the applicant’s eligibility. A high rate of interest compensates for the risk of an unsecured loan.

Hence, borrowers must make a note of eligibility criteria and documents required when searching for a “personal loan lender near me”.

Eligibility for a Personal Loan

The specific personal loan eligibility criteria one may need to fulfil may vary from one lender to another. However, here are some standard parameters that lenders across Ghaziabad check –

  • Age: 21+
  • Credit score: 750+
  • Employment Type: Salaried or self-employed
  • Monthly income: Varies as per the requirements of a lender
  • Work Experience: At least one year

Documents Needed for a Personal Loan

Applicants need to submit the following documents during the application of a personal loan.



Identity proof

Aadhaar card, PAN card, Voter ID card, driving license

Address proof

Utility bills or rent agreement

Financial documents

For Self-employed individuals 

· Bank account details of 1 year

· ITR documents

· Business ownership documents

For Salaried individuals

· Salary slip of the last 3 months

· Bank account statement of the previous 6 months

· Employee ID card

Availing an unsecured personal loan, especially when the amount required is sizeable, entails several complications. New borrowers or people in urgent need of cash might find it challenging to access an online personal loan.

Gold Loan as an Alternative

With this financial product, individuals in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh can enjoy every benefit of a traditional personal loan, excluding the need to fulfil stringent eligibility requirements. Being a secured mode of financing, gold-backed loans offer the following benefits –

  • Lenient eligibility requirements
  • Quicker processing and disbursal
  • Low cost of borrowing
  • Shorter loan tenure
  • Better flexibility in repayments

The benefits of a gold loan are undoubtedly lucrative, but choosing a suitable lender is also important for maximising your benefits.

Searching for a reliable gold-backed personal loan provider? Rupeek is your answer.

Reasons to Choose Rupeek in Ghaziabad

Rupeek is one of India’s leading fintech companies, offering personal loan against interest rates starting at 0.49% per month. Along with that, the availability of various customer-friendly benefits mentioned afterwards enhance the customer experiences further –

  1. We provide instant online gold loan at a customer’s doorstep. Our loan manager visits the customer’s residence for the loan disbursal process after the borrower has applied online.
  2. Also, Rupeek offers one of the quickest gold loan services in this segment. With us, applicants can receive funds within just 60 minutes from application.
  3. Borrowers only need to submit their identity and address proof, and they should be at least 18 years old to avail an instant personal loan against gold from us.
  4. Moreover, our LTV ratio can go up to 80%, which is one of the highest in this segment. Borrowers can use the gold loan calculator on our website to check the current per gram rate and the amount of gold they need to submit to avail required funds.
  5. To ease the burden of repayment, we offer various repayment options to our customers. We bring several schemes, and customers can choose any one as per their convenience.

Apart from a loan, we also offer an overdraft facility called Rupeek Quick to help customers meet instant financing needs efficiently.

Overdraft Facility by Rupeek

Under this facility, individuals can pledge their gold to take out a credit line against their value. They can use funds from the sanctioned limit as per their requirement, and pay interest only on the used sum.

Rupeek Quick is especially suitable for self-employed individuals. They can support their business expenses with it easily. Furthermore, selecting Rupeek as the lending partner is more convenient as we offer services in and around all the prominent areas of Ghaziabad.

Rupeek – List of Localities in Ghaziabad

Here are a few locations in Ghaziabad from where individuals can avail our doorstep services –

  • Mohan Nagar
  • Vasundhra
  • Meerut Road
  • Shastri Nagar
  • Kaushambi
  • Govindpuram
  • Loni
  • Vaishali
  • Tronica City
  • Indirapuram
  • Kavi Nagar
  • Crossings Republik
  • Sahibabad

Personal loan in Ghaziabad is now more convenient with Rupeek’s wide service network. Borrowers can quickly apply online and avail funds within an hour. Moreover, the additional services offered by Rupeek makes this borrowing experience straightforward and hassle-free. Contact us today for more details about our services.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Can I avail a gold-backed personal loan from Rupeek for higher education?

Yes, you can avail funds from Rupeek to support your higher education expenses.

2. How can I transfer my existing personal loan against gold to Rupeek?

You need to submit the existing pledge card and necessary documents, and repay the outstanding interest amount to the current to transfer your loan with us. You can save up to Rs.12,377 per lakh with our loan transfer facility.

3. How to avail the rebate facility on personal loan repayments?

You can avail the rebate facility with regular repayments of your personal loan against gold. A point to remember here is that the rebate amount increases with the frequency of repayment.

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