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Kolkata is the state capital of West Bengal and the largest city in East and North-East India. Also known as the “Cultural Capital of India”, Calcutta is home to several heritage sites like Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral Church, and the Prinsep Ghat.

In recent years, Kolkata has witnessed a notable economic boom with the rise of the I.T. sector in its satellite areas, Salt Lake and Rajarhat, paired with this city’s rich history of manufacturing and service sectors.

Resultantly, the per-capita income, as well as the cost of living in Kolkata, has also increased considerably in recent years. Calcuttans, therefore, can resort to a personal loan to address their several financial obligations.

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How to Apply for a Personal Loan?

To apply for a personal loan in Kolkata, individuals need to visit the lender’s official website or their nearest branch, and duly fill out the application form.

However, before applying for this financial product, they must check personal loan eligibility to ensure the non-rejection of their application.

Who is Qualified for a Personal Loan?

The specific eligibility criteria may vary across lenders. However, most reputed lenders require individuals to satisfy the standard parameters mentioned below.

  1. Age: Above 21 years
  2. Credit score: 750+
  3. Monthly income: As per the need of a lender
  4. Work experience: Minimum 1 year

Struggling to meet the eligibility requirements of a personal loan?

In that case, individuals can opt for alternatives like a gold loan. Besides more relaxed eligibility criteria, a gold loan also helps individuals bypass inconveniences like lengthy documentation and high interest rates.

How is a Gold Loan Better?

Due to the several conveniences, a gold loan offers, borrowers can meet several financial obligations better with it. A few of these use-cases are mentioned below –

  1. Home Renovation

Availing a home credit personal loan may be a good idea for home renovation, but the longer tenure associated with them increases the total interest payable. Instead, homeowners can opt for a gold loan that will offer them similar benefits, but at a lower repayment cost.

  1. Debt Consolidation

Availing gold loans instead of unsecured personal loans for debt consolidation is a better alternative. The reason being, gold-backed personal loan interest rates are low; thus, the total liability also lowers.

  1. Medical Emergencies

Since gold-backed financing options offer quick disbursal, typically within a few hours, they are an ideal option for any medical emergency. Individuals can avail funds quickly to manage such situations without any hiccups.

  1. Higher Education

Traditional education loans have strict eligibility criteria and restriction on their usage. Alternatively, gold loans allow them freedom of use and lenient eligibility requirements.

Apart from these, individuals can use a gold-backed loan to finance any monetary requirements that they may have.

Selecting a reliable lender is also imperative when looking for “personal loan providers near me” to make this process hassle-free and the borrowing experience, a pleasant one. To that end, individuals can turn to Rupeek.

Why Consider Rupeek?

One of the leading gold loan providers, Rupeek has distinguished itself from the competition with its customer-centric benefits and variety of schemes. Here are some prominent features of Rupeek, which makes this company a reliable borrowing partner.

  1. Repayment Flexibility

We, at Rupeek, offer several options to simplify repayment. Individuals can repay with one-time bullet payment or monthly EMIs as per their repayment capacity.

  1. Highest Per Gram Rate

Rupeek offers one of the highest per gram rates in Kolkata. Borrowers can use the gold loan calculator available on our website to check this rate. Also, they can use this calculator to find the amount of gold they need to pledge to avail their desired amount.

  1. Lowest Rate of Interest

Alongside the highest per gram rate, we offer one of the lowest interest rate personal loans against gold. It begins at 0.49% per month, making interest payment more affordable.

  1. Overdraft Facility

Individuals can also lower their interest liability with our overdraft facility, Rupeek Quick. It allows borrowers to withdraw any amount from the sanctioned limit anytime and pay interest only on that amount.

  1. Doorstep Service

We enhance customer experience further by offering instant gold loans at your doorstep. Once they finish the application process, our loan manager will reach their address within 30 minutes with an ISO certified gold appraisal kit. They will authenticate the documents and evaluate the gold articles. Once they are satisfied, borrowers will receive their money.

  1. High Security

We follow state-of-the-art security protocols in storing and carrying the pledged gold ornaments. Our company representative will use a GPS-enabled bag to carry them, and we store them in military-grade vaults. Moreover, these gold ornaments enjoy insurance coverage during the loan tenure.

Localities in Kolkata Where Rupeek Is Operational

Besides our several benefits, our presence across all the top localities in Kolkata makes our services even more convenient. These are the localities where we are operational:

  • Jadavpur
  • Baranagar
  • Kalighat
  • Dum Dum
  • Baghajatin
  • Park Street
  • Taltala
  • Tollygunge
  • Ganesh Chunder Avenue
  • Ballygunge
  • Esplanade
  • Hastings
  • College Square
  • Park Circus
  • Behala
  • Dharmatala

Personal loan in Kolkata is a convenient solution to manage any financial requirement. Its customer-friendly features help borrowers in a variety of situations. Additionally, if an individual opts for a gold-backed personal loan, it will assist them even further with added facilities.

Avail a gold-backed personal loan within 60 minutes from Rupeek, and solve your financial crisis instantly. 

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Frequently asked questions

1. How to apply for an online personal loan from Rupeek?

Individuals can apply for a gold-backed personal loan from Rupeek online via our app or website or give us a call. Once they complete the application process, a company representative will get in touch with them for further processing.

2. How to repay my personal loan with Rupeek?

You can quickly repay your personal loan against gold with Rupeek’s gold loan payment portal. You can log in to it via OTP, and opt for any of the featured payment methods to repay.

3. How to earn a rebate on personal loan repayment with Rupeek?

You can earn rebate with regular repayments of your personal loan in Calcutta against gold. A point to remember here is that this amount increases with the frequency of repayments.

4. Can I avail a personal loan against a credit score lower than 750?

Yes, you can avail funds from Rupeek with a credit score lower than 750.

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