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Why Rupeek ?

Save up to ₹12,377/lakh on interest
Non jumping rate of Interest
Pay interest once every 6 months
100% Insurance cover

Simple & Convenient

Share pledge cards to receive personalised savings report
Submit KYC
Submit KYC with loan manager
Pay interest
Pay interest and shift
Get best value
Get best value of gold by certified professionals
Gold taken to Military grade
Gold taken to Military grade storage vault

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Rupeek Gold Loan Solutions

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Starting at 0.89%
Online Gold  Loan
Free Insurance for all Jewellery
Online Gold  Loan
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Got Questions?

How much time is required to process a Gold loan with Rupeek?

We understand the urgency of your requirement and typically complete 90% of our loans in less than 60 minutes at the convenience of your home or office. Rupeek provides one of the fastest Gold loan services in Bengaluru. Once you raise a loan request through the Rupeek app, our Relationship managers will call you immediately to get the details about your loan need. After confirming the address, our Gold appraisers will reach your home or office and finish the Gold testing process in about 15 minutes. Once Gold is appraised, we will initiate the loan amount transfer to your account which typically takes another 5 minutes.

How can I transfer my Gold loan from existing Gold loan company?

Transferring your Gold loan from your existing Gold loan company to Rupeek is a very easy process and will help you save thousands on your Gold loan. All you need to do is share your existing Pledge cards with Rupeek relationship managers on the WhatsApp number (022 64808182). Our relationship managers will then take you through the interest amount which you need to pay to your existing lender in order to transfer the loan. Rupeek's Gold loan transfer scheme allows you to transfer your loan without arranging the entire loan closure amount. For more details please reach out to our customer care helpline (022 64808182).

Online Gold  Loan Online Gold  Loan

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