Know About Flipkart Seller Loans – Gold Loan For Online Sellers

Dec 29, 2020

Know About Flipkart Seller Loans – Gold Loan For Online Sellers

Consumers today prefer online shopping more than visiting brick and mortar stores, leading to a sizable growth in the ecommerce business. The ease and comfort of shopping online are the primary reasons for this sudden surge in these online business platforms.

Flipkart is one of the most popular Indian ecommerce businesses today, with more than 160 million registered users. One can also gauge the company’s success by considering its revenue worth $8.1 billion in 2018 alone.

Also, competing with these online sellers is becoming increasingly difficult for physical store operators today. Thus, many small-scale businesses have started selling on ecommerce platforms like Flipkart to expand their consumer base as per their Flipkart seller categories.

While investing in such platforms requires substantial funds, physical business owners can conveniently secure such finance by pledging their assets in gold. These gold loans are high-value finances readily available for anyone with ownership of gold.

With the financing woes sorted, check out below how you can start selling on Flipkart!

How to Begin Selling on Flipkart?

The process of selling via Flipkart as an online platform starts with a seller registration process.

  • Registering as a seller

Regardless of Flipkart seller categories, all parties or businesses hoping to sell products on the online platform need to register and own an account. To do this, sellers need to produce identity documents, address proof and other paperwork related to their business.

  • Product listing

You need to list at least 10 items to begin selling on Flipkart. The ecommerce company offers a streamlined method for product information and picture upload, thus significantly simplifying product listing.

  • Check the dashboard section

After uploading products for sale, sellers can visit the dashboard section on Flipkart’s website to manage the various items. This screen also displays the current performance for all your listed products, thereby allowing you to gauge which products are selling better than others are. This dashboard section is available to all sellers irrespective of their Flipkart seller categories.

  • Arranging delivery for sold items

Sellers can pick from two delivery options when selling on Flipkart – standard delivery or self-ship. The former option offers a hassle-free delivery method, where the seller only needs to provide the products to Flipkart. The company arranges stocking, storing and delivering facilities for the said product.

Alternatively, in self-ship deliveries, Flipkart sellers need to maintain stock and arrange to ship ordered products.

Charges Involved with Selling on Flipkart

Now that you are aware of the selling process through Flipkart take a look at the seller Flipkart rate card that reveals the various charges and fees that a seller needs to bear.

  • The company charges a percentage from each sale, which may vary depending on the product’s price.
  • A seller will need to bear the expenses associated with shipping. One can modify product prices to include this additional expense. Nonetheless, doing so may discourage consumers from buying products. They may look for better pricing elsewhere.
  • The ecommerce brand charges a collection fee based on the mode of payment selected by consumers who ordered the item. Therefore, as per the seller Flipkart rate card, this rate is different for cash on delivery orders than it is for prepaid options.
  • The platform also charges sellers based on the value of items ordered. This charge, thus, varies significantly based on Flipkart seller categories.

One look at this seller Flipkart rate card reveals the extent of financial strain a seller needs to bear when selling on the popular online platform. Managing all associated fees can be especially difficult for small-scale businesses. However, sellers are increasingly taking advantage of a revolutionary line of credit, utilising gold’s equity to avail hassle-free funding for business expansion.

Gold Loans: An Ideal Solution to Your Business’s Financing Needs

Given the extensive gold possessions that Indians have, they rarely utilise this asset for monetary benefit. Nevertheless, when you avail a gold loan, you can receive instant funding by pledging your gold assets as per the value of funding required. Bengaluru-based Rupeek Fintech Private Limited offers gold loans at your doorstep, further easing the process.

Listed below are some reasons why gold loans are perfect for funding your Flipkart selling aspirations.

  1. Using assets instead of relying on unsecured credit

Unsecured credit options come with high interest rates on the principal sum to compensate for the increased risk to lenders. When you choose a gold loan instead, lenders can afford to charge reduced interest on such credits. It is because the pledged gold significantly decreases the risk factor for lending institutions.

  1. Financing option for stay-at-home entrepreneurs

Stay-at-home entrepreneurs, especially Indian women, can leverage their skills and ability to handle businesses through the backing of hassle-free financing. With Flipkart, these entrepreneurs can also expand the reach of their venture far and wide in the country. However, with limited income and no credit rating, unsecured borrowing is difficult for these individuals.

Thankfully, Rupeek does not check your CIBIL score when providing gold loans. Therefore, homemakers can conveniently pledge their gold jewellery to fund their business commerce online. With such hassle-free funding options available, allow this opportunity to transform your venture into a successful business.

  1. Finance business expansion

A brick and mortar store misses out on the revenue opportunities that an online storefront has due to an expansive reach and absence of physical limitations. Thus, if you intend to take your enterprise to the next level, selling on online platforms like Flipkart open limitless avenues for growth and expansion.

To ensure that the fees and charges related to the platform do not chip away your revenue, gold loans are the ideal solution to keep financial backing. Now, you can start expanding your reach to new regions and consumers, without worrying about financial setbacks.

  1. High per-gram value

Rupeek Fintech Private Limited offers the highest loan to value based on the gold items you pledge. Loan managers carefully assess each item to determine purity and arrive at an estimation regarding its value. Based on this value, the lender extends a loan with the best LTV. The quantum of loan extended can thus go a long way in fulfilling your business needs.

Moreover, these credits come sans any end-use restrictions. It means that a borrower is free to address diverse funding needs with this amount. Whether you use it primarily to become a Flipkart seller or to manage inventory, the decision is yours.

Avoiding ecommerce opportunities can severely restrict the growth of a business today. With most consumers browsing products online, enlisting your items on sites like Flipkart can multiply your chances to sell and revenue. If funding is the primary concern, opt for an easy gold loan, and utilise its various features for convenient financing and reduced repayment strain.

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