6 Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances This New Year

Jan 19, 2021

6 Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen Appliances This New Year

With a brand new year ringing in soon, people are in a celebratory mood, back to making resolutions, making plans and looking forward to making the most of the coming year. A new year is most certainly marked by exchange of gifts and sweets among friends and family to celebrate the beginning of something new. But what can you gift yourself as an adult to feel gratified and meet utility standards at the same time? A home makeover! Well if not something so extensive, you can start small by upgrading your kitchen appliances. This simple move can elevate your cooking experience and make it something you look forward to. Here are some smart ways to upgrade kitchen appliances this new year and gift yourself a luxurious cooking style.

Do a kitchen audit

There is probably a lot of stuff in your kitchen that was given to you as gifts years ago and is extremely outdated. It can be an old fashioned mixer grinder or basic one-door refrigerator. If this defines your kitchen then it is definitely time to upgrade kitchen appliances.  Go through the appliances that you have in the kitchen, note down the ones that are older than 5-6 years and assess the current condition of those appliances. Do you give them for service quite often or are they slow in performance? If yes, then make these top priority items to be upgraded. However, do not get carried away and throw out appliances that are old but are in good working condition. Assess your needs wisely.

Surf online and offline for best offers

It is important to take time and look for the best kitchen appliances both online and offline. Up until a few years ago purchasing big appliances online was not a popular choice due to the uncertainty of quality and functionality. However, with the boom of e-commerce almost every single kitchen appliance you could possibly need is available online with a variety of models, brands and offers. To get a hands on experience of the appliance you can visit a nearby store and check out the offers given even though you need not necessarily buy from there. Because at the end of the day, nothing equates to physically assessing a new model mixer grinder or a double door fridge to decide what you want to buy. You can go back home and compare the prices and offers online.

Buying at the right time

What better time than a festive season to splurge on the lucrative offers given by dealers? Adding to the joy of festive shopping, it is also the most sensible time to shop and upgrade kitchen appliances as many e-commerce platforms and retailers sell off their remaining units for the year at slashed prices. They call it festive sales, end of season sale or New year sale. You will be able to find the best kitchen appliances at half their selling price making it a deal you can’t refuse. If you have always been wanting to upgrade your basic refrigerator to a double-door sleek looking one, a festive season sale is when you will find the best offers on refrigerator to save up that extra money.

Exchange offers, exchange appliances

To upgrade kitchen appliances does not necessarily mean buying and hoarding new items. Though the resale value of very old appliances may be low, it is better to look for exchange offers and exchange your old appliances to buy new ones. You will end up saving a significant portion of your budget. Don’t shy away from negotiating the exchange offers or even the price of the product itself. When you find the best offers on refrigerator or a glass top gas stove you always dreamed of getting, make sure to bargain. It's always worth a try!

Must upgrade items to increase utility

Though some appliances may be deemed luxury shopping, investing money on the ones you use on a daily basis is necessary.  If you are using an old mixer grinder you should consider buying the latest model with builtin blender, dicer, different blades and jars to make your cooking efficient and experimentative. Upgrading to a conventional type oven which has the functions of grilling, OTG and microwave all in one is a definite kitchen essential. You should definitely consider exchanging your old stove for a sleek glass top gas stove which complements your kitchen aesthetics. This addition immediately gives your kitchen a whole new makeover.

Budgeting and funding to upgrade kitchen appliances

Despite your urge to splurge on kitchen appliances while planning to upgrade, you should always put down a budget and stick to it. Search for brands that do not exceed your budget and think of the long-term expense when you frame a budget. You need energy efficient appliances that cut down your electricity bill, even if it means shelling out a few extra thousand rupees to buy it. Buying multiple new kitchen appliances at one time can be quite expensive and require external funding. Most middle-class families choose to take small personal loan to upgrade kitchen appliances. A small personal loan can also be an instant loan which is an unsecured loan given to fulfill your short-term personal needs. There are many online and traditional lenders who offer these loans for attractive interest rates ranging from 1.25% to 2.5% per month depending on the loan amount and tenure. You could also take a consumer durable loan which is generally used to fund home appliance purchases. The interest rate on these can vary from 12% to 22%. The fact that these loans are unsecured make it difficult for the borrower to pay fluctuating interest rates and high EMI. At times like this, taking a gold loan has numerous benefits for meeting short-term financial needs.

Why is gold loan beneficial?

Unlike a small personal loan or consumer durable loan, a gold loan is secured, i.e., gold ornaments are pledged against the loan given. This enables the lender to give money at low interest rates and convenient repayment periods. A pioneer in the gold loan field, Rupeek is easily the best option to fund your appliances purchase. Here’s why

  • A low interest rate of just 0.49% per annum
  • Flexible loan tenure and schemes to ensure comfortable EMI repayment for the borrower
  • Loan amount from 15,000 to 1 crore sanctioned as per your needs
  • Highest per gram rate given to ensure you avail maximum loan amount
  • India’s first doorstep gold loan solution ensures a hassle-free loan experience

You can also use the Rupeek overdraft facility where you can get a line of credit against the asset pledged and withdraw how much ever amount needed within the limit and use it. You will be required to pay interest only for the amount withdrawn. Using these affordable and safe facilities you can plan, budget and buy new kitchen appliances and give your kitchen an attractive makeover this new year!

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