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Ghaziabad, famously known as “the Gateway of Uttar Pradesh, “is one of the state’s most prominent industrialised regions. Recently Ghaziabad secured the 3rd rank in the industry-to-GDP ratio and the number of workers employed, as per the India Today SOTS district awards. It is a vital indicator of the business-friendly environment that this place is characteristic of. Besides being home to one of India’s largest power plants, NTPC Dadri, Ghaziabad is also a hub of a cluster of MSMEs, including textiles, ceramic, pottery, electronic goods, etc.

As part of the NCR, the scope for businesses in Ghaziabad is vast compared to other districts of Uttar Pradesh. Consequently, the business-owners based out of this region often require funds to ensure their businesses’ smooth operations lest they fall behind in the competition. Thus, a business loan in Ghaziabad is all they need to finance these expenses. By assessing the varying needs of different ventures, top NBFCs and banks extend business loans of various types that prospective borrowers can consider.

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Types of Business Loans Available in Ghaziabad

Every business has unique requirements. Thus, before opting for a loan, individuals must know about the different types of business loans available in Ghaziabad.

  • Working Capital Loan

As the name suggests, this particular loan is suitable for supplementing working capital funds and ascertaining healthy cash flow in a business.

  • Machinery Loan

Business owners avail this fund to purchase new machinery or repair the existing ones to boost productivity. However, before applying for this fund, people can follow a quick guide on business equipment financing to make the most of it.

  • Invoice Financing

This specific loan allows business owners to borrow funds by collateralising their accounts receivable or approved invoices that debtors are yet to settle. 

  • Business Loan for Women

As more women are emerging as successful entrepreneurs, several lending institutions offer a customised business loan for women.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the type of business loan one chooses, they need to go through a strict eligibility check-up. Due to this, getting a loan for business in Ghaziabad is getting tougher with times. Almost all prominent lenders functional in this region sanction business loans only to the ones with higher eligibility to ensure on-time repayment of the same.

However, to bypass this hassle, one can simply opt for an easier alternative like a gold loan. It will not only cut short the lengthy documentation process of availing unsecured business loans in Ghaziabad but also facilitate a speedy disbursal.

In this regard, the prospective borrowers can make a comparative analysis of business loan vs. gold loans to get their hands on the best possible credit option for business.

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Business Loan vs. Gold Loan in Ghaziabad

The following are some of the most striking differences that a business loan in Ghaziabad and a gold loan have.


Business Loan in Ghaziabad

Gold Loan




Depends on the amount and quality of pledged gold



Preferably 750 and above

Not required



ID proof, Address proof, audited financial documents, proof of business ownership, etc.

Only KYC




Up to 80%


Loan Approval and Disbursal

Takes a few business days

Within 45 – 60 minutes


End-use Restriction



Besides opting for a suitable financing option, one must also choose a dependable lender to maximise convenience. And while several lenders in Ghaziabad offer a gold loan with feasible terms of use, Rupeek holds a stellar reputation mostly due to the advanced features it accompanies.

Why a Rupeek Gold Loan is The Best for Business?

People who require instant small business loan in Ghaziabad can opt for Rupeek mainly because of the following reasons.

  • The NBFC offers a substantial loan amount worth Rs.1.5 crore and boasts of the highest per gram rate.
  • Rupeek gold loan monthly interest rate starts at 0.49%, and we also have a flexible repayment facility.
  • Borrowers can repay the loan in a single bullet payment mode or repay whenever they can within the tenure.
  • By using the Rupeek calculator, borrowers can also check the amount they need to pledge to get their desired loan amount.
  • They also provide doorstep service, and the loan disbursal takes only 30 mins.
  • Rupeek is associated with reputed lending partners like Federal Bank, ICICI Bank, etc.
  • People can also opt for a gold loan balance transfer and save up to Rs. 12,377/lakh on interest.

Apart from these, Rupeek also offers a gold loan overdraft facility that makes financing easier than ever.

What is Rupeek Gold Loan Overdraft Facility?

Rupeek introduces a gold loan overdraft facility called Rupeek Quick that provides an extended line of credit to borrowers. By pledging gold articles, individuals can borrow instant cash that will be credited to their mobile wallet.

They can transfer any amount from that sanctioned limit to their bank account as and when necessary. However, the interest payment applies only to the amount withdrawn or utilised. Besides, another USP of Rupeek is they are available in all the major cities locations in the city, making an apt alternative to business loans in Ghaziabad.

Operational Locations of Rupeek in Ghaziabad

We are available in more than 500 locations across India, including Uttar Pradesh. People from Ghaziabad can find us in the following areas.

  1. Raj Nagar Extension
  2. Mohan Nagar
  3. Crossings Republik
  4. Sahibabad
  5. Vasundhra
  6. Loni
  7. Vaishali
  8. Meerut Road
  9. Shastri Nagar
  10. Indirapuram
  11. Kaushambi
  12. Govindpuram
  13. Tronica City
  14. Kavi Nagar

We are also available round the clock. You can reach out to us anytime for your business financing needs. Enter “gold loan near me” on the browser to find the nearest one to you and apply for a gold loan online. Our loan manager will contact you shortly with customised Rupeek gold loan schemes, best in Ghaziabad, NCR.

While qualifying for a business loan in Ghaziabad is challenging owing to the competitive market scenario, Rupeek gold loan can be a saviour. Using the funds from this gold loan, individuals can execute several business activities, including financing for franchise or dealership.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How to get a business loan for MSMEs in Ghaziabad?

Several top financial institutions offer an MSME loan after proper eligibility checks. However, if one fails to meet the required eligibility, they can also opt for an alternative gold loan from Rupeek by making use of their gold’s equity.

  1. What is the process of changing the mobile number for my Rupeek account?

You need to contact our support team if you have to change or edit any of your contact details, including mobile number while servicing a loan.

  1. What is the procedure to get Rupeek gold-backed business loan in Ghaziabad?

First, you need to request online for a gold loan. The loan manager will get back to you soon and visit your home for the rest of the process. The person in charge will check your KYC documents and evaluate the gold as per that date’s rate. Then he/she will approve the loan amount, and the amount will be disbursed within 30 seconds in the presence of the loan manager.

The pledged gold will be kept at the nearest bank’s vault.

  1. How does a Rupeek gold loan for business work?

Business owners can utilise a gold loan from Rupeek for several business activities like funding working capital, buying new inventories, purchasing new office space, launching new products, hiring skilled workers, and so on.

  1. How does Rupeek gold loan rebate work?

Rupeek has a dedicated rebate scheme that applies to the interest payment. The higher is the repayment frequency, the more rebates one can earn.

  1. Does Rupeek gold-backed business loan have a part-payment facility?

Yes. Rupeek has a part-payment facility. All you have to do is open the “repay the bill” tab on our online portal and select the “part payment” option. The repayment amount will range from the monthly interest component to anything less than the full-closure amount.

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