Doorstep Loan in Faridabad

Doorstep Loan in Faridabad

Developed as a satellite city of New Delhi, Faridabad is now the 2nd largest city of Haryana, contributing heavily to the state GDP. The economy of this city has three major players, agriculture, service, and manufacturing.

The agriculture sector of Faridabad is famous for its henna production. The manufacturing sector includes automobile and appliances. The growing economy of Faridabad has also increased the living costs of this city, which can lead to financial constraints for residents.

In such situations, one can quickly opt for a doorstep loan in Faridabad, instead of burning through their savings. Moreover, with services available at the comfort of their home, one can stop to figure out free time to complete the loan application formalities. Individuals can complete the process online.

Apply Online For Doorstep Loan In Faridabad

Private financers nowadays have introduced an online application process to increase borrower-convenience and simplify this process. Here are the steps –

Step 1: Go to the official website of the lender, and find the application form

Step 2: Duly fill-up the form with relevant details, both personal and professional

Step 3: Following an approval, submit the necessary documents

Step 4: After the final verifications, applicants will get their loan money

Nevertheless, before moving ahead with the application process, one needs to learn more about the sub-types of this financial product to make a knowledgeable decision.

Types Of Doorstep Loan

Any doorstep loan in Faridabad has two sub-type, secured and unsecured. Here are the details –

  • Unsecured Doorstep Loans

This sub-type of quick loan does not require an individual to submit any collateral, and they receive approval simply based on their eligibility. The salient features of this financing method include –

  • Quick processing
  • Easy documentation process
  • Faster disbursal

Prominent examples of this financial product include personal loans, credit card loans, business loans, etc.

  • Secured Doorstep Loan

This method of financing requires one to submit collateral to avail advances against it. Typically, the loan amount here is based on the market value of the pledged item. Here are some fundamental features of this financial product –

  • Less stringent eligibility criteria
  • High loan quantum
  • Low-interest rates

Common examples of this include gold loans, home loan, loan against property, etc.

Nevertheless, every financial product has its own set of advantages and limitations, and borrowers must have a clear idea before availing a credit.

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Secure And Unsecured Doorstep Loans – A Comparison

Here is a comparative analysis of secured and unsecured doorstep loan in Faridabad –


Secured loan

Unsecured loan



Not required

Loan amount

Comparatively high

Comparatively low

Interest rate




Gold Loans – A Quick Financing Solution

Since gold loans are secured, terms are more favourable and help borrowers to meet their financial obligations sans delays. This financial product extends the following benefits –

  1. Restriction-free usage
  2. Faster disbursal
  3. Short tenure
  4. Low borrowing costs

These are some notable benefits of a gold loan. However, opting for a reliable lender is also important to make the most of these benefits. In this regard, Rupeek is a name to go ahead with owing to its easy application process, balance transfer facility, and many more.

Stop searching for ‘doorstep loan near me’ and contact Rupeek for a quick solution.

Rupeek – A Reliable Partner For Gold Loans

Being a leading fintech company in India, Rupeek focuses on increasing the convenience of its customers, and our prompt doorstep services are a part of that goal. Apart from that, here are some highlights of why we are preferred for gold-backed financing solutions –

  1. Online Application Process

Borrowers can easily apply for funds from our official website. Our customer executive will get back to set an appointment after that. Following that, our loan managers will visit the particular applicant’s address for document verification and jewellery evaluation.

  1. High Loan Quantum

You can get up to Rs. 1.5 crore as a doorstep loan in Ludhiana. The value, however, will depend on the LTV ratio and purity of gold articles. Borrowers can use the gold loan calculator on our website to learn more.

  1. Affordable Interest Rate

Our monthly interest rates start from as low as 0.49%, making interest payment affordable. Moreover, the repayment flexibility perfectly complements it. Borrowers can choose a regular EMI structure, or pay as per their will to complete their repayment.

  1. Balance Transfer Facility

Individuals can now avail the customer-friendly benefits with our convenient loan transfer facility. Once they share their current pledge card with a Rupeek executive, he/she will help them through the remaining process. Additionally, with a loan transfer with Rupeek, one can now save up to Rs. 12,377 per lakh.

  1. Best-in-class Security

To ensure the safety of gold articles, we have introduced stringent security measures. It includes –

  • We use GPS-equipped bags to transport the gold ornaments from and to the customer’s house.
  • We store them in high-security vaults of our partner banks.
  • Lastly, we extend complementary insurance coverage during the loan tenure.

Moreover, we perform a regular security audit to plug any loopholes in the system.

  1. Overdraft Facility

With our overdraft facility, borrowing is now more convenient than ever. Known as Rupeek Quick, this facility enables our existing customers to pledge extra gold items to obtain a credit line against it.

It eliminates the hassle of additional documentation to extend urgent cash loan in Faridabad. Additionally, with Rupeek Quick, debtors only need to pay interest on what they withdraw.

Furthermore, our strong presence in Faridabad allows us to respond to any loan request within 30 minutes. Hence, borrowers can avail instant online gold loans at their doorstep.

Localities Of Faridabad Where Rupeek Extend Its Services

  • Ballabgarh
  • Jawahar Colony
  • Greater Faridabad
  • Faridabad New Industrial Town
  • Faridabad Sector 15
  • Faridabad Sector 16
  • Faridabad Sector 29
  • Faridabad Sector 48
  • Faridabad Sector 3
  • Faridabad Sector 7
  • Faridabad Sector 8
  • Faridabad Sector 9

A doorstep loan in Faridabad enables individuals to meet an array of requirements, without leaving the comfort of their home. Moreover, with lenders like Rupeek, they can now maximise their borrowing experience with a host of borrower-friendly features. 


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Benefits of Gold Loan over Doorstep Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Doorstep Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. How to get a doorstep loan in Faridabad online?

  • To get a doorstep loan online, you can apply via the website or mobile application of the lender. Once you fill-up the application form and submit required documents, following a final verification, you will receive your loan amount.

  1. What is a loan on cheque basis?

  • It is a variant of a doorstep loan, where lenders will extend an advance against a cheque, which will act as collateral.

  1. Is a healthy CIBIL score necessary for small personal loans?

  • Yes, private loan providers in Faridabad focuses on the criteria of CIBIL score to extend any unsecured advance. Typically, they ask for a score upwards of 750.

  1. How to get a quick loan without a credit check?

  • To avail of an instant doorstep loan in Faridabad without a credit check, you can get in touch with Rupeek. Rupeek does not focus on meeting any strict credit check norms. Borrowers can avail funds by simply submitting their KYC documents.

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