Loan Against Property in Kadapa

Loan Against Property in Kadapa

Located near the Penna River, Kadapa or Cuddapah is a city in the Rayalseema region of the south-central part of Andhra Pradesh. Serving as the gateway from the west to Tirumala Hills, the city is nicknamed as ‘Gadapa’ (threshold) and is thereby regarded as highly sacred.

Kadapa nurtures a strong historical background and is famous for its temples and many places like Gandikota Fort, Sidhout Fort, Belum Caves, Ontimitta, Pushpagiri, Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary etc.

The economy of Kadapa largely extracts its revenue from agricultural productions and mining. Apart from these, the hospitality industry, marketing, business shops, tourism also provide significant support to the economy. To expand business or meet personal expenses, including wedding expenditure or funding children’s education, people can resort to loan against property in Kadapa as an immediate solution.

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Loan against Property Eligibility

Banks, NBFCs, and Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) provide Loan against Property (LAP) or mortgage loan against the residential and commercial property of a person (salaried or self-employed). The eligibility criteria of availing a loan against property services vary with each lending institution. However, the general factors that are considered include the applicant’s age, source of income, income level, employment history, the status of existing loans, credit score of 650+, good credit history, and current value of the property.

Loan against Property Documentation

With varied employment type, the required documents for applying for LAP also vary. The list of documents individuals must submit while availing Loan against Property in Kadapa is discussed in the table below.

Required documents for availing Loan against Property


For Salaried



Signed Loan against Property application form with photograph(s)

Identity proof, address proof, age proof

Salary slip of the previous 3 months

Bank statements

Latest Form 16, Income Tax Returns (ITR) details

The title deed of the property

Total work experience proof


For Self-employed Individuals

Signed Loan against Property application form with photograph(s)

Identity proof, address proof, age proof

Financial documents including Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss account statements

Bank statements

Income Tax Returns (ITR) of the previous 3 years

The title deed of the property

Business existence proof

Note – The above-mentioned list is generic. Financial institutions or Housing Finance Companies may ask for additional documents as per their requirements. Check the specifics when searching for ‘loan against property lenders near me’.

Although a loan against property offers several benefits, like high loan amount, low interest rates, relaxed CIBIL score-check, it comes with certain disadvantages as well.

Before applying for a loan against property, people must also note these limitations that they might come across.

Drawbacks Of A Quick Loan Against Property In Kadapa

One of the major drawbacks of LAP is that banks and other lending institutions have the right to sell the mortgaged property in case of loan default.

Another significant drawback is the lengthy processing time. The verification of property papers, legal aspects of the property and in-depth scrutiny by financial institutions end up in time-consuming processing.

Moreover, during emergencies, accumulating endless documents can be too bothersome. In such cases, individuals can opt for a gold loan as an alternative to an easy loan against property in Kadapa because of its quick processing time and relaxed eligibility and documentation.

Gold Loan As An Alternative To Loan Against Property

Gold loan and Loan against Property are both secured in nature. But during a liquidity crisis, gold loan possesses the highest ability to offer instant funding without any hassle. The multi-faceted benefits of availing the gold loan are discussed below.

  • The minimal paperwork and relaxed eligibility requirement involved in gold loans hasten the processing time.
  • Unlike LAP, which can extend up to 15 years, an individual can quickly pay off their debt with a short-term gold loan (4-6 months).

Once individuals of Kadapa have decided to take out a gold loan, the next significant task includes finding the right financial partner. In this regard, people can turn to Rupeek.

Merits Of Rupeek

Individuals of Kadapa are assured of getting the following benefits with Rupeek.

  • Faster Processing Time

Unlike LAP, we, at Rupeek, can ensure quick disbursal and faster processing time. The minimal documentation, including only verifying KYC documents, leads to quick processing time and disbursal within 45-60 minutes.

  • Doorstep Services

Individuals willing to avail loan against property agricultural land in Kadapa need to go to banks and other financial institutions to get approval. But with Rupeek, individuals can enjoy doorstep instant gold loan services with a starting interest rate at 0.49% per month.

  • Flexible Repayment

With Rupeek, individuals can avail the benefit of flexible repayment. Our clients can choose to pay either on a monthly basis or any time within the loan tenure as per their convenience. To know more about the repayment procedure, contact us. 

  • Gold Overdraft Facility:

The gold overdraft facility of Rupeek, which is also known as ‘Rupeek quick’ enable borrowers to get a line of credit. Individuals can withdraw cash any time as per their need. Also, borrowers can save a substantial amount through this facility as they only need to pay interest on the utilised money from this credit limit.

Individuals who have made up their mind to avail gold loan from Rupeek instead of a loan against property can do so from all the major locations in this city.

Rupeek’s Availability In Kadapa

Get a loan up to Rs. 1.5 crores from your home’s comfort from the following areas in Kadapa.

  • Ganganapalli
  • Porumamilla
  • Rajampet
  • Badvel
  • Vontimitta
  • Galiveedu
  • Rayachoti
  • Nandalur
  • Rayavaram
  • Cuddapah

Forget all the hassles of loan against property in Kadapa and instead click on apply now to enjoy instant financing solutions from Rupeek.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. What pointers to consider before availing a loan against property?

You must compare LAP options based on the loan amount offered, interest rate range, eligibility criteria, documents required, LTV, processing fees and other charges, approval and disbursal time.

  1. Can I opt for part release?

Certainly, you can. However, you must remember that the to-be-released gold jewellery item(s) must weigh 10 gram or more. Contact the customer support team of Rupeek to initiate the process.

  1. Can I get a loan against gold bars from Rupeek?

Unfortunately, you cannot avail a loan against the gold bar. Presently, we only accept gold jewellery (not below 18 carats).

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