Mudra Loan in Surat

Mudra Loan in Surat

Surat is one of the leading smart cities in western India. The ‘silk city’ is known for textiles like Zari craft and other variants. Besides fabric, Surat is renowned globally as a significant diamond polishing and research hub.

Individuals looking to establish their business or expand operations can consider a MUDRA loan in Surat. Unlike a regular business loan, this government-backed loan provides many benefits that may prove fruitful in the long run for business owners.

However, before making an informed decision, you need to know about this credit product in details.

An Overview of MUDRA Loan In Surat

In 2015, the Prime Minister of India introduced MUDRA loan Government scheme to boost the MSME sector and generate employment. As per the official website, approximately Rs. 137449.27 crores were sanctioned under this scheme in FY 2015 - 16.

Also known as Pradhan Mantri small business loan, there are three distinct categories that are designated for businesses of varying statures. All you have to do is voice search for ‘MUDRA loan office in Surat near me’ to get the nearest branch's address that offers the following loans.

  • Shishu: Any new start-up business can get up to Rs. 50000 under this category. In many cases, the processing fee for this particular e-MUDRA loan is waived off to relieve the entrepreneurs.
  • Kishore: Under this category, budding MSMEs can apply for any loan amount within the range of Rs. 50000 to Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • Tarun: Any established SME or MSME can opt for funds from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs under the Tarun MUDRA loan scheme.

Note that for MUDRA loan registration Surat, interested individuals need to pay the application fee using UPI payment option. Along with that, you also have to submit a list of documents.

Though a MUDRA Mitra seems a great financial product initially to boost your business, the disbursal takes almost 7 - 10 working days. Moreover, the MUDRA loan max limit is fixed at Rs. 10 lakhs that is not always sufficient to fund business expenditures, and you may require more.

In such cases, you can consider availing a gold loan that addresses each of these issues with its attractive offerings. Hence, it will be wiser to assess the merits of a gold loan before making a decision.

Benefits Of Gold Loan Over MUDRA Yojana Surat

You can utilise the funds for various purposes without any restriction by availing a gold loan. Moreover, it not only covers all the benefits of a MUDRA loan in Surat but also accompanies added features that offer a pleasant borrowing experience.

Following are some of it.

  • Idle Asset

Nearly every Indian family possesses some amount of gold that generally sits idle. You can use the gold to acquire a substantial amount of fund and make the most of your gold’s equity.

  • Simple Eligibility

Since it is a secured credit, you do not have to go through a stringent eligibility check. The most vital thing that matters is the amount and quality of gold you will pledge, besides KYC documentation.

  • Instant Approval

The approval and disbursal of gold loan take only a couple of hours. Thus, if you need immediate cash to address any financial emergency, a gold loan is unparalleled.

Besides these general features, you can also get improved gold loan facilities and benefits when you choose Rupeek as your gold loan lender.

Rupeek Gold Loan Is Your Ultimate Borrowing Solution

Following are some of the crucial aspects of Rupeek gold loan that can surpass the advantages of a MUDRA loan in Surat.

  1. Doorstep Services

We have introduced the industry-first doorstep gold loan service that reduces the hassles of visiting the lender’s branch over and over again. After getting a gold loan request from you, our loan manager will visit your residence within 30 minutes and start the loan processing.

Hence, if you want to avail an instant online gold loan at your doorstep, Rupeek is the answer for you.

  1. Low Interest Rate

The interest rate of Rupeek gold loan starts from 0.49% per month, making it an affordable credit option for people from a humble background. The low interest rate also implies lower monthly instalments.

  1. High Loan Volume

If you have enough gold in your possession, you can get funds of up to Rs. 1.5 crores, which is considerably more than the maximum limit of the PM MUDRA loan. Moreover, we also have an online gold loan calculator on our website that you can use to estimate the loan amount that you are eligible for.

  1. Easy Repayment Options

Despite a sizeable loan amount, you can repay a Rupeek gold loan seamlessly without burdening your liabilities. You can choose from the repayment schemes that suits your financial capabilities. Besides the regular EMI payment, you also have the option to repay the loan as and when you can, or you can pay off the entire amount via bullet option at once after the tenure ends.

  1. Gold Loan Credit Line Facility

You can maximise the benefits of a Rupeek gold loan by settling for a gold credit line. Known as Rupeek Quick, this facility allows you to pledge some additional gold and avail extra funds on top of your existing Rupeek gold loan.

In order to avail this fund, you do not have to furnish any additional documents. Moreover, we levy interest only on the funds utilised. Hence, with this facility, you can lower your interest payment amount.

When it comes to Rupeek gold loan availability, very few can beat us as we are present in more than 500 locations across India, including Surat. You can refer to the following list to learn about our current service areas.

Rupeek Gold Loan Availability In Surat

Following is the list of locations where we are currently offering doorstep gold loan services in Surat.

  1. Udhana - Magdalla Road
  2. Sachin
  3. New textile market
  4. Mota varachha
  5. Dumas Road
  6. Katargam
  7. Hajira
  8. Pal
  9. Amroli
  10. Piplod
  11. Dumas
  12. Adajan
  13. Umarwada
  14. Olpad

Thus, you can easily avoid the lengthy MUDRA loan in Surat processing by opting for a Rupeek gold loan. Manage working capital, purchase assets, or expand operations affordably with Rupeek’s gold loan at your doorstep in just 30 minutes.

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Benefits of Gold Loan over Mudra Loan.
  • <1 lakh
  • 2 lakh
  • 3 lakh
  • 5 lakh
  • 10 lakh
  • 20 lakh
Comparision Parameters Mudra Loan Gold Loan
Interest Rate 2.39% 0.49%
Monthly Interest Amount
Eligibility & Documentation More Documents Needed Only KYC Needed
Processing Time & Disbursement 2 days to 1 week Within a day
Required Gold Weight -
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Frequently asked questions

  1. What is MUDRA loan apply online procedure?

First, you need to keep all the relevant documents handy. Then contact the lender you wish to take the loan from and fill up the MUDRA application form. Submit the form along with the necessary documents. On successful verification of the details provided, a lender will initiate the loan disbursal process.

  1. Can I get any subsidy under PMMY Surat?

No, you are not entitled to any subsidy under this scheme.

  1. What are the documents required for MUDRA loan?

The document checklist includes duly filled-up MUDRA application form, passport-sized recent photographs, KYC documents, business plan, and business ownership proof. The respective financial institution might ask for additional documents.

  1. How to get a Rupeek gold loan?

To get a Rupeek gold loan, first, you have to visit the official website of Rupeek. Enter your mobile number to request a loan. Our representative will contact you shortly, and the loan manager will reach your home within 30 minutes of setting an appointment. After the KYC document verification and gold appraisal, the loan will be disbursed to your account instantly.

  1. Can my family member(s) be present during gold loan processing?

Yes, other family members can be present during Rupeek gold loan processing. However, they cannot complete the formalities on behalf of you. The loan process will take place in your presence only.

  1. How many days does it take to get back the pledged gold after the loan closure?

We will deliver the gold back you the day after you close a Rupeek gold loan account.

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